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YOUR KID’S ART Drawn by a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST! – Round 3 | Wonderdir


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Submit your art (if you’re under 11) or your kids art with #RedrawMyKidsArt to Twitter!
Check out Ryan’s facebook page and give him some kind feedback! https://www.facebook.com/RyanDublinArt
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  1. Draw with Jazza says

    Submit your art (if you're under 11) or your kids art with #RedrawMyKidsArt to Twitter! – must be in the picture to verify age, but can be pixelated/disguised, and I'll be keeping visual identity private in future videos as I have in this video 🙂

  2. tdog 1996 says

    well i was thinking the first one reminds me of stitch then was thinking the colors would be pink feet and blue fur and the first two colors were pink and blue thats crazy

  3. legitgamer 1256 says

    The dog is wolfie and he is scooby

  4. Astr01lama says

    I totaly guessed that purple fur of the fluffalar before it came

  5. Anav says

    I'm the goofiest gumbo!

  6. HeavenlyPuppy says

    The title sounds a bit means sounds like its saying "Professional Artist Redrawing your horrible art that looks like kids made it"

  7. Luke Sutherland says

    What do u think this is, and educational channel😂😂😂

  8. Luke Sutherland says

    It annoys me how with the last one he forgot the electricity in his hands

  9. Sniperattacker14 says

    The first one looked like stitch from that one Disney or Pixar, I cant remember

  10. Kagwu Yuul says

    10:03 thats what she said ok ill leave

  11. SpoopyWoolf says

    Hiya Jazza :). I am 10 years old but i look way older. About 13. So if I do build up the courage and persuade my parents to make a twitter account, please do not assume I am a 13/14 year old girl.

    Thank you,

    Ps: I’m Auzzie, a goofy gumbo sheila 😀

  12. Crasiest Cell212 says

    i had a husky called wolfy RIP Wolfy in the reply things

  13. Aramis Sanchez says

    9:04 Jazza-Dooby-Doo and the mystery challenge gang?

  14. ಥ _ ಥ says

    Oh. So basically Thomas Romain but…mediocre

    Edit: You can find him on YouTube

  15. Ruben Helia says

    You have drawn stitch

  16. Anti-atics says

    The fluffalar in ur interpretation kinda looks like a 3 eyed Stich

  17. Erik Walters says

    9:03 Scooby want a scooby snack?

  18. Abhinav A S says

    You forgot the Moon for Vicky & Wolfie !!

  19. rahaf khatib says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Quick Charge a power ranger?

  20. KatManga says

    Now the last one was cool

  21. wolf fam! says

    Omg in here at 666k views and it's 3 am !

  22. Akihiko Aoi says

    9:04 reminds me of Scooby-Doo.

  23. Migie Boyyzz says

    Im fat but only 2 chins and Jazza being not fat but has uncountable chins…sorry!!!!

  24. LushInTeBush says

    5:24 When your mom said that you forgot to do your homework

  25. Huy Khang Nguyen says

    Draw zhc

  26. Bojana Milikic says

    I'm really disappointed you didn't draw the bolts coming out of Quick Charge's hands…

  27. V3N60 360 says

    Pretend I said something funny and leave a like

  28. Gacha Slush says

    9:06 goofy?

  29. FlyFriction says

    Vampire high is already a little kids tv show in America.

  30. mr.clucky sucks at life says

    JAZZA!! You forgot the lightning on the quick charge character

  31. Plopp Sopp says

    First one kinda reminded me of stitch

  32. Plopp Sopp says

    Answer to question 6:24. They played Fortnite …… They think that is cool. If you don't know what that is, don't learn to know it. Really toxic and anger calling

  33. MarioIndoPlayz says

    Sco- scooby doo?

  34. TimeBomb 27 says

    jazza has his own netflix show now lol

  35. LaffyTaffy_ Pw says

    That weird laugh u did about the pup reminded me of pennywise XP

  36. LULYOU says

    Don't Steal Youtube Videos idea from an german youtuber

  37. Lucas Luigikid says

    I don’t know why, maybe it’s the color scheme, but the Fluffalar reminds me of Bonzy Buddy.

  38. Shrek Shrek says

    Rude . Dude . Attitude

  39. BTS Suga's pillow says

    My big sis is 29 too!!

  40. Jazmine Carroll says

    Bruhhhh the last one is my cousin Roman. I'm deaddddddddddd

  41. POTATO GAMING says

    Jazz your amazing

  42. Isaiah Vloggzz says

    Ha 15:25

  43. Isaiah Vloggzz says

    Ha 9:01

  44. Maubee Quinn Fountain-Eitel says


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