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What to Do If You’re Attacked by a Dog | Wonderdir


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How to protect yourself from dog attacks? Every day we run the risk of encountering stray dogs while out walking or running. We don’t usually expect any threat from an adorable creature that’s been rightfully dubbed our “best friend.” But some of these dogs can sometimes display unpredictable behavior and be extremely aggressive and unfriendly. Dogs are animals and they have animal instincts. Even the friendliest-looking pooch can attack you if something goes wrong!

We at Bright Side have collected the recommendations of experts and cynologists on how to keep yourself safe and to prevent dog bites. If you want to find out what exactly you should do when you come across an aggressive dog, or, even worse, you’re attacked, watch our new video!

What to do if a dog doesn’t attack but acts aggressively 1:47
What to do if a dog attacks 3:54
What to do if you’ve been bitten 7:30

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– Do not try to calm the dog down or smile at it. Animals perceive a smile differently than you do. While a smile means friendly intentions to a human, a dog will think that you’re baring your teeth to challenge it.
– Avoid direct eye contact and sudden movements. The best strategy will be to ignore the dog.
– Do not swing a stick at the dog or use pepper spray. First of all, the wind can spoil your plans and blow the spray right into your own eyes. Besides, these actions probably won’t scare the dog away.
– Retreat slowly and carefully. Remember the main rule of getting away from an aggressive dog: do not turn your back to the animal.
– Stray dogs usually attack if they’re hungry or if they’re protecting their puppies or territory.
– Do not shout at the dog, even if you can’t think of anything else to do. The dog will perceive shouting as a sign of aggression, and this will only make the animal angrier.
– Do not shout at the dog, even if you can’t think of anything else to do. The dog will perceive shouting as a sign of aggression, and this will only make the animal angrier.
– If you haven’t managed to distract the dog and it’s still after you, cover your neck with your hands. The neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body.
– Use your weight to press the dog to the ground with your knees or elbows. Dogs can bite, bark, and snarl, but they can’t wrestle.
– If a dog has bitten you, carefully rinse the wound with soap and water. After that, swab it with alcohol to avoid infection.
– Despite what most people think, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been bitten by a stray dog or a domesticated one. Either way, you’ll still have to go to the hospital for necessary testing and treatment.
– According to statistics, dogs are responsible for 99% of rabies infections in people. The first symptoms of the disease appear 30 to 50 days after being infected.

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  1. ViTaZ says

    Or type /killall

  2. Dirty Cop Registry says

    Some dumbfuck put this out.

  3. natsu dragonnel says

    ѕтєρ 1) ιf ѕσмєσиє'ѕ ∂σg вιтє уσυ,
    ѕтєρ 2) вιтє тнє ∂σgѕ σωиєя

  4. sanku sarkar says

    Ya i was in a park and a dog began running behind me but an uncle came and he ties the dog with a rope and that’s how i was rescued by the dog

  5. Sabrina Lambie says

    So basically when a violent aggressive dog attacks, we are to stay calm, whisper for help and have a sunday walk away from it. Oh and throw it a sausage that you happen to keep in your handbag. Yep… that sounds normal..

  6. padmaraj anithkumar says

    I once got attacked by a pack of dogs at night while i was on a bike with my friend and we had to stop to check our directions in map.

    What i did was yelled at them more ferociously like a wild dog, much stronger than their barks the next scene was they all backed off putting their heads down.

    They might have realised its with an alpha that they were dealing with😂😂😂

  7. contrarian duude says

    So true dogs are really bad wrestlers. Let the dog strike low and then pin it to the ground until the mood changes to submission.

  8. Egg says

    But I tried to outrun our six-months old German Shepherd dog and I succeeded.

  9. Egg says

    I tried to make eye contact with a dog while riding a bicycle

  10. emab 509 says

    Subscribe ro my channel

  11. Emar Yron Dela Cruz says

    I spook my dog while sleeping and I got bit

  12. Luktom100 says


  13. The Tepero Show says

    I almost got bit by a dog but I did not follow the rules and I started punching it a then I out ran it it was the size of a German shepherd

  14. Bobby Singh says

    My cousin, who runs a Generator agency/service was attacked by a dog a few years ago.

    he was returning home after getting back the Gen-set trolley from some wedding.
    it was really really late, nobody was around and there was no escape.
    he punched the dog really really hard while it was about to charge at him.

    he had bruises and had to take multiple stitches between knuckles and wrist portion.
    but guess what
    the dog lost its lower jaw .. lol

  15. Ayden Jara says

    If it have hair pull it or grav its leg hit with something and grave its neck

  16. Emi TaRaKi says

    My dog name is Rix

  17. Sosena H Seifu says


  18. UnknownToast says

    1.Throw rock at its face!
    2.Burn it with fire!

  19. Striker306 boyle says

    a nickname you forgot is mr.President

  20. Haters Need Not Reply says

    I was charged by a dog once, I didn't make eye contact and slowly side-stepped away. He didn't chase me.

  21. Johnnyrising says

    I see you still fill the begining of your vids with useless babbling

  22. Ashu Rao says

    In India it's the biggest problem… All mad infected dogs chases specially at night

  23. Michael Batten says

    Ignoring the dog and walking away sideways don't work! I can speak from experience!

  24. T. G. says

    I was once chased by a very aggressive dog. I ran and climbed on nearest tree. Sadly it was a small tree with fragile branch so my life was hanging on a thread until its owner ran to my rescue.

  25. lili lps says

    I have a husky and you forgot to say husky

  26. boxertest says

    Step 1. Buy a nightstick
    Step 2. Exercise
    Step 3. Beat the sh*t! out of any dog that would try to attack you
    Step 4. Repeats steps 1 through 3

  27. Ashley konkel says

    Thank you for my making this a BREED target

  28. Parsi Iran says

    Fire a lighter next to his eyes. He lets loose immediately 😉

  29. Ink Addict says

    I threw at the attacking dog

    1.My Gucci sweater
    2.My BK Bacon King Burger
    3.My Wife's LV Purse

    Dog stole my wife after taking all my expensive things. Thanks "Bright Side".

  30. maya the magma fox says

    That thumbnail tho

  31. Deadish Tv says


  32. Monique Shorten says

    A large mastiff ran up to my daughter barking and trying to intimidate her. She did exactly as I had taught her and she stood there, not making eye contact, and waited for the dog to back off. She was 10 years old at the time. I was so proud of her, and relieved that the dog never touched her!

  33. duckgoon says

    Funny. If a dog attacks then shoot. Hahahaha problem solved.

  34. dragon Master 349 says


  35. Warren Trout says

    yes, I've been attacked many times. You are totally clueless!!!! Pepper spray is very effective. A bullet works better. A stick works good.

    Where did you get this nonsense Wikipedia?

  36. Alice Granger says

    I ran Away from a pack of dogs I screamed and they ran away

  37. Angela Luck says


  38. Epic skulls for Life says


  39. Advait Chougule says

    I Prefer, If Dog Growls, Run Towards It And Start Kicking To It's Face

  40. Dulce forever says

    Once i thought i was going to get attack because a dog started chasing me but no it just wanted to play

  41. Rebekah Silva says

    Thank gou

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