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Ricky Gervais Shares The Funniest Person He Knows | TODAY | Wonderdir


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Ricky Gervais chats with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about his SiriusXM show, “Ricky Gervais Is Deadly Sirius,” the funniest person he knows and why laughing is the best antidote.
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Ricky Gervais Shares The Funniest Person He Knows | TODAY

  1. Casper Cattrell says

    How old is this video? I mean seriously? This must be very old.

  2. JB says

    I thought the funniest person he knew was Chris Finch?

  3. BlackHole-Hurricane says

    He wants the XFM days back, where him, steve and the goldmine Karl would blow our minds and put on the floor with laughter. I still listen to the podcasts, they're like time capsules to me.

  4. Ben Bourke says

    She had a problem with her marrow n that…it's a good thing she told me when she did.

  5. Angie C says

    that woman on the left is the fakest woman I’ve ever seen!

  6. Michelle Topham says

    Every Ricky Gervais interview is hilarious. Glad to see him on Today. A brilliant man.

  7. Wonder Woman says

    Ricky Gervais 2011 interview with The Independent: ‘As humans, we use humour to see if someone's on our wavelength and I felt Karl was the funniest man I'd ever met.’

  8. nmeunier says

    Kristen Wigg did this show better than Kathie did.

  9. RedEnigma 99 says

    So obvious he misses the XFM days with Karl and Steve

  10. Julien Berndt says

    i never look at ricky the same since I saw the gary schandling interviews

  11. MrJobofo says

    He's a user and always has been. He used Steve for his talent then used Karl for his. He just drifts through 'friends' and very rarely keeps in touch with people after they no longer serve him a purpose.

  12. Bob Mob says

    Didn't know Ricky starred in the most successful British comedy of all time: Fawlty Towers

  13. Taunter Atwill says

    You are ready to take that final pill when you want it, let never EVER someone else decide for you when it's time to go!

  14. David Wilder says

    I have no comment to make.

  15. Ayman Mnassri says

    They didn't get the mistake joke

  16. Twisted Individual says

    The best of British

  17. Lemuel Carbonell says

    Ricky is slowly morphing into Andy Millman with age…

  18. DDnufcGamer says

    People going on about Ricky not saying Karl is the funniest person anymore… It's been almost 10 years, you've never changed answers in that period or had multiple influences so the answer changes?

    Also he's clearly talking about his brother being intentionally funny and seeing what and how he did it made him go in to comedy. Karl was rarely intentionally funny, nor did he motivate Ricky to do anything he wasn't already doing,

  19. Bruno Wills says

    How badly has Gervais sold out. Doing the womens show circuit. Desperate to stay relevant.

  20. Laura Elizabeth says

    Love Karl, but it's a fact that his projects apart from Ricky, are not funny. The chemistry between them is what made Karl funny. Without Ricky , Karl is just a crabby, constant whiner, without the humor.

  21. tiernan drasdo says

    Surely it’s Karl???!!

  22. Setheus says

    Karl is the funniest person Ricky has met whether Ricky realizes it or not

  23. Josh Larson says

    I''m sad that he doesn't think there was anything before or will be after this life

  24. okkcomputer says

    Sounds like Derek when he's talking about dogs

  25. kirwi kirwinson says

    These two bags just won’t stop cackling and yammering.

  26. MHowarth1997 says

    I'm waiting for today's episode woo!

  27. tysonkoswilderround8-9 ! says

    Ricky "I wanna be like joe Rogan" gervais

  28. tomitstube says

    "it's like being stupid, it's only painful for others."

  29. Ben Mayhew says

    What?a day time tv chat show with middle aged hasbeen girls who look like MIlfs on Xhamster.

  30. Lion El Jonson says

    It's a shame that he just spends these days sitting on american day time chat shows 🙁

    Wish he would get the team back together again and have an anniversary podcast. Even if it's just a one off, it's been a long long time and many things have happened since then so there would be plenty to talk about. I think it would be great. Back where it all started.

  31. GreenmanXIV says

    Ricky Gervais, is right God, is just Dog spelled backwards.

  32. Zap Brannigan says

    butterball gervais…..didn't know he was still alive.

  33. Kevin Goldsmith says

    I only came here to hear him say 'Karl'…. seems like he's dropped him then. Karl is still funnier than Ricky, and always will be.

  34. adrian meyer says

    The woman on the right when Ricky says he had Richard Dawkins on his show says "A fellow atheist, you guys have to hang around each other", I assume she's religious and if so isn't that just like all the idiots who go to church haha

  35. Nerezza says

    Most successful British comedy of all time? I mean the Office is good but in a world where Monty Python, Black Adder etc exist this is a bit of a stretch. They may mean successful in number of sales and revenue earned but there's also a lot more money nowadays and far more exposure and ability to access the material.

  36. Steve Holmgren says

    Ricky my favorite Atheist! Absolutely brilliant guy.

  37. ME 0020 says

    LOL. "Most successful British comedy of all time" It was decent but far from the most successful.

  38. josephine9975 says

    That’s a low blow and a lie. Karl Pilkington is the funniest man alive no doubt. He said it for years. The fact he’s confirmed just now by saying he’s brother is the funniest, says Karl and Ricky have fallen out, doesn’t change the fact Karl is the man. Karl should’ve come flying and slammed the doors opened and shout ‘Bullsh*t’ right in that moment.

  39. Murder Ballad says

    think i now know what Ricky's getting for Christmas…

  40. Kasper Hauser says

    These women looked like horses with make-up on .

  41. Kasper Hauser says

    Glad his cats died though….

  42. MagicAyrtonforever says

    I feel sorry for him stuck between these two people.. Defenseless XD

  43. Kylie Krisp says

    Americans always emphasize money. "More money than Jerry Seinfeld."

  44. RAT DATSUN says

    When he was talking about dogs his inner Derek came out.

  45. Dean Leckie says

    Seinfeld's an egotistical very unfunny person…why get him on the show…he's terrible??

  46. Steven Cassidy says

    "Its the only show worse then this one" Love it!! You have to take off the harridans in The View. I like the way he mentions "euthanasia" and looks at Kathy Lee

  47. Vivid Kothari says

    I'm hurt too, but guys, let's just move on. Things change. Ricky's idea of the funniest person changed. It's alright. Don't try to hold past else you will be hurt badly.

  48. Kendra Lucas says

    I’m sorry but doesn’t Vanity Fair call this the Proust Questionnaire?

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