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  1. Frostielicious says

    Shoot Down a Jet or a Heli with the BM-13N
    Attempt #1

  2. Zach Young says

    The intro music is SO FUCKING LOUD. Cool intro but God damn I was on 1 bar volume and it was still crazy.

  3. Charlie Griffith says

    Amen for kill assists

  4. SmokeJumper says

    Holy fuck i have never heard such an annoying intro music

  5. Zdenek B. says

    Intro, no comment, bombastic

  6. Antonio Harrison says

    Walking slow thinking it's Sparta with this music

  7. nein ichwillnicht says

    nice intro montage 🙂

  8. cody king says

    watch out for M13s, they're wily creatures. M13 attempt #46

  9. Jaws Of Fury AF:JC says

    What's with the evil trance music??

  10. Warm Coffee says


  11. Nono Lamarmotte says

    Insane cinematic, thank you Phly! 🙂

  12. Wait What? says

    Hey phly how did you enable Ansel of Nvida?

  13. cem oğuz says

    I don't get me wrong phly you are a good streamer and commentator but your intros way above avarege and we need more edited videos with background music. I hope you see your skills and use it.

  14. dixievfd55 says

    Go into DCS. Find a server and try to do what you just did here with the Ka-50 while not invulnerable.

  15. Ollie Scott says

    Phly found the cure to cancer, just add more cancer

  16. 3 Subs With 0 Videos says

    Anti homo missile

  17. BOSS190905 says

    That fucking intro music

  18. Cobalt06 says

    Dude I was waiting on that intro for a jet to come by a Mach and kill the cancer. Still best intro ever was the mach opening on the boat plane.

  19. Denis Krouma says

    Music at the begenning please?

  20. ali faleh says

    How do I turn on damage indicater

  21. DUTCH DUTCHIE says

    So those anti air missiles are radio active???

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