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NBA Youngboy sends his hitter in the crowd | Wonderdir


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Can’t believe this happened

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  1. Best Of Both Worlds says

    @black Gatti …..if someone OLDER with Wisdom does not step in SOON….we all know what your gonna be covering….YOUNGBOY sending his boi on DUMMY MISSIONS….niggas in the RIGHT city….NOT GOING FOR IT…🤷🏽‍♂️🤔….🤙 @dukovo1210

  2. Devin Graves says

    He be picking the right people to fw that’s all couldn’t been n my city

  3. Mr.trees says

    Aye black gatti go listen to federal pressure by Kevin Gates an moneybags yo can’t tell if he talking bout yb or not

  4. Angel Racks says

    React to hypnotize mrs black gotti

  5. Angel Racks says

    Oh and doo betttaaaa

  6. Angel Racks says

    Can’t do dat

  7. Angel Racks says

    Simmer down a lil bit

  8. Angel Racks says

    U a lil too hot outchea

  9. Angel Racks says

    Favorite reaction Chanel 👌

  10. Dj Moore says

    Oh he got that boy😂 , but on some real shit. Yb need to calm down. He gonna lose money and fans. It not worth it when you came from nothing. We get it yb, a 🐂 mix with goat.

  11. Ace RoStreetGaming says

    I been seeing everybody posting about it. Bruh went from falling out at his to sending ppl in the crowd but he done told em about throwing a shit on stage. I feel like also real temperamental cause it's getting close to the time he said. Y'all seen that movie trailer the sacrifice he got out? Pay attention

  12. NoLimit Dooda says

    Yb and Fredo would b the best duo out br all the beef shit blows it 😒💪🏽

  13. Felicia For Real says

    "I think he finna fight me.. did he point at me I thought he was pointn atchu" 😁😂🤣🤣🤣

  14. Felicia For Real says

    I like your videos, new sub

  15. Nbaxseth Vlogs says

    Your just like everybody else you only react to the negative how about him moving out BR to calabisis you rather get them boys locked up you a YouTube snitch highkey

  16. SmartKidzRock/ EST.2018 says

    Karma is a bitch, then you die. This boy got alot of hate in him. He's gone self destruct if he don't get it together real soon. I pray he do

  17. John Roberts says

    Them boys couldn’t come to Florida with that shit ! It’s a million Zoe’s here and they fuck with each other especially when they beefing with other niggas !!

  18. RizzleToOfficial ! says

    " DeeDawg bust his fucking brain cells who say they on that gang Trell? Im posted in the nawf where it abt safe they never came here "

  19. Faith Taylor says

    ttg for realll😂

  20. Tamir Williams says


  21. Daytreon 626 says

    D dawg run down on a nigga stick him up like lay it down bitch that been my girl from the junk you play I lay it down

  22. TB Tazz says

    That happened in my city

  23. HardBody Made It says

    Dee dawg run down onna Nigga

  24. Lul Waun VEVO says


  25. Julian Rivera says

    This nigga mad funny he got to make more videos

  26. Sylvester Prudhomme says

    That nicca can fade his supporters but can't fade TBG

  27. Scotty Carter says

    This the guy Instagram who fought for young boy https://www.instagram.com/d.dawg38_/

  28. i2S Silencer says

    Imagine if d dawg got beat while trying to fight him😂😂

  29. wilbert clark says

    #Lawsuit $$$#

  30. Jeffery Daniels says

    Youngboy made a lot of these reaction niggas famous lol

  31. Jeffery Daniels says

    Nah but I mess with black gatti lil messy ass 😂

  32. Dee Brown says

    Chris from the wire … and deuces

  33. imjust Tez says


  34. Robert Baldwin says

    This nigga wears the same black shirt every videos he makes

  35. Fairz _ says

    Why is this bullshit recommend to me

  36. Prince Charming says

    A real fan gon feel him

  37. This niggahhh is annoying 😒

  38. Jerica Gardner says

    sends his “ hitter “ 😂😂😂

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