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Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith addresses “public hanging” comment | Wonderdir


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Voters in Mississippi are gearing up for Tuesday’s Senate runoff election. Former Rep. Mike Espy, a Democrat, is up against Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith. The two faced off during a debate, during which Hyde-Smith publicly responded to her controversial comment on public hangings. Bobby Harrison, senior Capitol reporter for Mississippi Today, joined CBSN from Jackson to break down the high-stakes race.

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  1. acnyc says

    The women is a Nationalists Racist in Mississippi, why everyone surprised about this?

  2. kiss my ass says

    She is lucky she is running in Mississippi

  3. Marty Celestialteapot says

    twisted? turned? What could it mean except the obvious interpretation ? Evil words.

  4. dt chevy 73 says

    Dont act like yall didn see th swastikas in the thumbnail smh

  5. Adam says

    Let’s see if she doesn’t read from a piece of paper

  6. MarcoA1971 says

    Sigh. Doesn't she wear a Confederate pin? And hasn't she made other racially charged comments? Seems like a racist to me.

  7. grapas100 says

    Welcome to Mississippi.

  8. TruckerExile E says

    Hope she loses


    She rocks with Trump so ftb

  10. rampart rod says

    she is what is awful in Mississippi..born there she has no shame..total trash

  11. Phil P says

    And Republicans wonder why people consider then racist

  12. Artistic Endeavors says

    Stand with the courage of your convictions or STFU. She is a racist coward and this half-baked appology proves it.

  13. daniel thompson says

    Now that's one horrible hag of a woman.

  14. strawberry redz says

    Apologies are empty when you say it AFTER you got caught! She meant what she said.

  15. trafficlight9199 says

    Her voters won't care, any more than DeSantis's supporters cared about comments like 'monkey it up'. It's Mississippi, the Billy Bob belt.

  16. M. Clarkebrkly says

    I think the great state of Mississippi should send this Shape-shifting woman a message. First she was a Democrat during Clinton times switch to Republican during Bush administration and now she is disrespecting Mississippi residents by furthering that old narrative that im sure all Mississippi residents would like to move forward from. Mr Espy is a real Democrat and when the interest is the country he will work with the President.

  17. J Engelmann says

    I'd go too see hers. omgsosorryifioffended.

  18. Cesar Ramirez says

    What did she mean then ?

  19. cache .380 says

    Yes lets hang her first.and who cares Mississippi sucks anyways.

  20. gunbroker11 says

    Hyde-Smith: he can invite me to a public hanging

    HRC: all black men look alike

    -Can you guess which one of them used the confederate flag in a campaign button?

  21. RussiaNukesAmerica3 says

    C'mon, she misspoke, what she mean't was: When I personally organize a nigra's public lynching…"

  22. Alfred Neuman says

    NOT RACIST! It's a dumb comment, but you really have to stretch to make it racist. Plenty of people of all colors and ethnicities have been publicly hanged. Ever see a cowboy movie where the bank robber is hanged on main street? Don't be in a victim mentality where a comment like this is considered racist. Move on with life.

  23. Mark Lac says


  24. ashlynn d says

    Well, thank goodness she addressed it…. Bless her heart.

    PS it's weapon, not wheapon.

  25. Gregor Samsa says

    Confederate hat-wearing, lynching-watching, democratic vote-suppressing republican candidate. It's refreshing when republicans just admit who they are.

  26. SmallTank says

    Anybody who blames the news is guilty.
    1:she is from Mississippi
    2:she is Republican
    3:she likes Trump.

  27. Carmen Santana says

    Once a RACIST always a RACIST.

  28. Randy says


  29. Mark Wick says

    Feckless old republicunt looks like she either drank from the wrong cup in that Indiana Jones movie, or Death is trying to collect!

  30. Andreana Calhoun says

    Its the same race card playbook stuff of the left, its sickening ! The race card dog whistle for the emotional voter!

  31. chris mclaughlin says

    Public executions could easily become very popular.

  32. Nathan Baker says

    "I'm sorry you were offended" is never a good way to apologize.

  33. luzalegria says

    Lying through her filthy old teeth.

  34. Tech Gents says

    As usual money talks and bs walks…

  35. Jackie Bennett says

    She looks just like scrooge on the animated Christmas Carol movie

  36. Francisco Abreu says

    She said "If he invited me to a public hanging. I'd be on the front row." Is she really senile old racist or just showing signs of a disease old brain

  37. Theresa Armstrong says


  38. John Defelice says

    We're not offended. We just know what you are now. Stop Democrats from voting. Enjoy lynching. Yeah. We got you.

  39. Valliken Corvus Kallen says

    The only thing worse the a racist,,, is back peddling sycophant racist!

  40. Spider Loc says

    Liar u said u stand by it

  41. Daisy Joseph says

    She's been to a few hangings in her life . It's only a fun past time for hard core racist mississippians.

  42. mighty mouse says


  43. mike and trite gaming says

    Mike espy the worst person ever

  44. mike and trite gaming says

    If anything ever happens to America president,cruelness I'm selling my house and moving to Germany or Russia

  45. mike and trite gaming says

    Like my comment is you you think the lady looks like a alcoholic and drug addict no (Offense)

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