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Michelle Obama on historic midterms and whether Hillary Clinton should run in 2020 | Wonderdir


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The former first lady speaks out in an exclusive live interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts in Chicago about her memoir, “Becoming,” the outcome of the midterm elections and 2020 prospects.


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  1. Vincent Sykes says


  2. roland kassoev says

    fuck michelle fuck hillary

  3. Lea Vai says
  4. Kevin Cody says

    I never really liked him.

  5. Tamara G says

    I would take Snoopy The Dog for president over Trump in a snap. Hillary or anybody else would be much better.

  6. hidden emotions says

    Michelle obama should run for the election. That's the change us wants right now.

  7. Tej DIvadkar says

    I hate that shows that have people that are clever dumbed down with audience members egging them on with applause. It breaks the focus of what their message is. If I had a talk show I'd not have audience members, this is the news I don't there should be too much of an audience present there.

  8. Intellect. She didnt say blk people but said underepresented. She is sharpe. 😝😜😛🤴🏿👑😉 She made a point without creating conflict. This is a skill and a trait of success.

  9. RF West-Strait says

    1st Lady Michelle Obama is a true class act.

  10. Hina Sani reheman says

    Yeah Hillary should be president… She is robbed… She is the most qualified candidate… Love u Michelle Obama. .. love u Hillary…..

  11. Tasia F says

    Can't wait to read it!!

  12. Super Thunder Gamer says

    Mrs Obama was a fantastic First Lady! I miss the Obama’s! Also Clinton should not run in 2020, she had hear chase in 2008 and 2016, the Democrats need some else to run!

  13. Damon Hockey says

    What a shame she doesnt run for president. This lady is just class and every photo of her you see an amazing generosity of spirit. Good on ya Michelle you do America proud.

  14. Kiran Kumar says

    i really admire her what a cool attitude she carries

  15. Mike Brown says

    That's a ugly tranny

  16. SmasherBoy says

    For someone of her position, she is incredibly down to earth. Love her!!! 💌😍❤️

  17. Brajesh Singh says

    I agree with Michele Obama ….roll in their sleeves and gets in the race…that is what primaries for…will the primaries be civil ? …I do not know but the person who wins the primary is the candidate the people want

  18. Curtis Jones says

    Check out "her" addams apple.

  19. GyaradosGuy 1 says

    To bad she has a fat cock in her pants!

  20. Jess says

    MICHELLE 2020

  21. raleighkirkman says

    She is a man!!!!

  22. liabilitymate says

    Talk about AIR HEADS… A grade right there… LOL WWG1WGA. Barry & Michael for GITMO…

  23. Rowndel Khwairakpam says

    First Ladyboy of the US, Nobamah married a dick…lol

  24. Christopher James says

    The simple fact that michelle probably wouldn’t admit, is that african Americans commit a disproportionate amount a crime, violent crime especially and general hopelessness – which I hope can be addressed. I don’t know why democrats shy away from some sort of reimbursement for slavery, but in modern ways. If there’s an endless amount of money for wars in the Middle east(for Israel’s benefit) then we can surely help the black Americans out.

  25. babibump says

    Osama Hussian had more children killed by Isis and illegal children caged then forced into labour than any other president

  26. Druski McBurr says

    I love the non-endorsement of Hillary lol

  27. stylespell9 says

    Money she sits on were not enough now she's selling a book with her recycled stories to appeal to stupid star struck masses. All her interviews are void of any content if you take a good listen.

  28. SmithyTV says

    michelle for president in 2020 #Obama2020

  29. Vikram C says

    I think it was George Washington who said that the best people to be president are those who do not want it under any circumstance.

  30. MrBeeCee says

    What she projects is not who she is,running in 2020,probably …..hates the Clintons and half of a failed presidency

  31. Atticus Finch says

    Historic senate. Now we be knowin what havin no hope feels like mike samsquance.

  32. Jack Mac says

    No one cares. No one ever voted for you.

  33. Shirl E says

    Hillary needs to let go and stay out of the political light. If there had been anyone else running as the Democratic candidate instead of her we probably would not be dealing with trump right now. She rubbed way too many people the wrong way and if she were to run again I feel it would still leave people feeling like they had to vote for the lesser of the 2 evils and she very well could end up losing again. I would love to see a woman in office but she has to be the best person for the job. The midterm results prove we are hungry for more diversity and positive change. There is a lot of up and coming women starting in the political world. One day one of them just may end up being our first female President. Not because she is a woman, or considered the lesser of two evils but because she is the right one for the job.

  34. Richard Barber says

    Barack, you are one lucky man…. but you already know that. 😉

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