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Mexico First!: The Migrant Caravan Arrives In Tijuana To Angry Protestors (HBO) | Wonderdir


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The desperate and seemingly unstoppable journey of about three thousand migrants from Central America heading towards the United States has finally reached Tijuana, the final stop before the U.S. border. But the goodwill that migrants encountered on their long journey north from people offering rides and meals is now greeted with a chillier reception.

Instead, those arriving in the border city earlier this week were greeted by hundreds of Tijuana residents protesting their presence with angry chants of “Mexico First!”

Protest organizers echoed language used by U.S. President Donald Trump. “Mexico has always opened its doors to Central Americans to legal and organized migration but not to the illegal invasion that’s currently taking place,” said organizer Jesus Eduardo Burgos Gomez.

At one point during the protest, a group of residents tried to rush one of the shelters housing migrants but Mexican police in riot gear held them back.

“There’s too many people,” said protester Josefina Arangure. “We won’t be able to control it. A lot of people are going to stay and get jobs, others are just going to commit crimes.”

Protesters say they’re worried that this new wave of asylum seekers will overwhelm a city that has already dealt with its share of refugees from previous migrant caravans and from Haitians fleeing the devastation of the 2016 earthquake.

While the vast majority of those in the caravan say their ultimate goal is to get to the United States, U.S. border inspectors under the Trump Administration have only been processing about 100 claims a day at the Tijuana crossing. In the meantime, another thousand Central American migrants are expected to arrive in the next few days.

“They’re coming here with an American dream that doesn’t exist,” said Aranguer. “So unfortunately these people are going to stay here.”

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  1. VICE News says

    “They’re coming here with an American dream that doesn’t exist,” said Aranguer. “So unfortunately these people are going to stay here.”
    WATCH NEXT: Trump's Border Troops Have Nothing To Do – http://bit.ly/2B9gVtS

  2. JOE CANDOR says

    Phuc-ken Mexican racists!

  3. Clifford S says

    HBO=Deep State Propaganda

  4. StutteringCrisTop10 says

    Tijuana residents… Speak English… rather well????

  5. Yano Diaz says

    Can't use the race card now…haha just go back people

  6. 33kaus holokaust says

    Go back. Or we will shoot. Go fix your counties

  7. high 69 says

    It's war baby!!!!!!

  8. Boss Honey Love says

    America, don’t become Europe there will be no turning back! Do the research! CNN LIESl because they hate Trump!

  9. Eduardo Julia says

    Trump's the man!!!!!

  10. English man says

    Think your self lucky USA at least they're not Muslim

  11. Matt L says

    Imagine when the bulk of the rest of the caravan arrives in tijuana. They may have all out civil war in that city.

  12. dnort4343 says

    I think the word "racist" got fucked up a long time ago

  13. Ezequiel Dominguez says


  14. Ezequiel Dominguez says

    Stupid Indian reporter.

  15. Mike Kroll says

    Lol from America

  16. Chubbstain says

    When a non-white country is showing the same signs of frustration and protesting at illegal mass migration, you know it’s not just people being racist and based on genuine concern, these Vice types don’t have to live with the repercussions like most of the protesting people.

  17. Mike Kroll says

    Mexico let them in, let Mexico deal with them. Of course it's not a race thing Mexicans don't have a word for racism, you're either are or you aren't. Welcome to my world. It's about fuckin time.☺🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪👍

  18. wesclark513 says

    So funny to see Mexicans bitching about illegals but hate Americans when they bitched about illegal Mexicans

  19. laughing Polion says

    Modern-day Trojan Horse once they get into our country they will wreak havoc and destroy it from within

  20. HO LEE FOOK says

    Yeah the troops can't use force….but the national guard can…Mexico took there citizens guns away…we want let our government take ours

  21. MoMo Baklava says

    Mexico could learn a thing or two from the Chinese n Americans, Build A Wall along your southern borders!!! & respect to all those mexicans in this video. They live on the border itself!! N yet they found no need to "Migrate" into USA- as there IS NO American dream! They chose to stay and fight for there own country and hopefully make it a better place for their Grandkids! DONT RUN FROM THE PROBLEM, FIX IT!!!

  22. Jon DGAF says

    The invaders did this to themselves. They need to go home and make their demands to their own country. No receiving country can handle this influx of demanding moochers nor should another country be expected to have their own citizens foot the bills for these invaders. Government money is the citizens hard worked money not the invaders.

    GO HOME.

  23. Jesus Mendoza says

    You get abused long enough, you start abusing others …. what happened/happens in America w/ Mexicans is the same thing that’s happening in Mexico towards Central America. Sad.!!

  24. buddylee4 says


  25. Freddy Cambray says

    I like how the vice reporter tried to say that the Tiajuanians protest seemed similar to the trump administration. What were you trying to say Mexicans are raciest to the caravan how if they just want them out of their homes.

  26. Antony Terranova says

    Good nothing wrong with nationalism these Mexicans don't want the Hondurans either

  27. Clorox Bleach says

    This is clearly an invasion. They're very selective in featuring only women and children, all playing innocently. The fact remains: The majority are young men, illiterate, and dangerous.

  28. fred says

    We need to make large banner pictures of our own homeless such as in orange county california.
    Hold those banners higher than the wall. Let the caravan people see our own homeless tent cities.
    Our homeless population is sleeping in the rain. Our homeless would like to live in the detention centers.

  29. pitchfork time says

    Update: Troops remain on the Border. Trump Ok's US Military to use lethal force if needed.

  30. Roman D says

    Well, Trump said they weren't barging in trough the border illegally… People of Mexico have to thank their own border patrols for letting these invaders in.

  31. Mexican Mapper says

    Noooo This can’t be!!

  32. Ivory Towers says

    Ok when they get to the border . Give them jobs building that wall , Feed them pay them well train them to fight for themselve's give them weapon's and let's invade the country and stablize it so they wont need to leave again.

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