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LeBron James powers Lakers to a 7-point victory vs. Jazz | NBA Highlights | Wonderdir


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LeBron James finishes just three assists shy of a triple-double, with 22 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 90-83 win over the Utah Jazz.

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  2. Andre Tyson says

    The fact lebron got less than 25 and they still won is crazy

  3. Srinivasa Mani says

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  4. András Csonkás says

    Beast of the east, best of the west.

  5. OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs says

    How about giving ingram and lonzo their credit.

  6. CRT022395 says

    BI and Zo need to play like this every game aggressive

  7. Jbn Don't reach says

    Lebron will conquer the west. No tougher conference when you're the KING.👑

  8. Pinkish Floyd says

    Dislikes from Cavs fans

  9. Kingslayer says

    Good job, Lakers.

    Anthony Davis should soon be traded to the Celtics since the Lakers don't need another star. 🤣🍀

  10. Tonman57 Tonman57 says

    LeBron came to the west to mess with THE BEST

  11. Master Of Disguise says

    Can yall talk about any other team? Jesus Christ.

  12. krisjake 101 says

    trade ingram please

  13. LeSean Walston says

    Since when do yall emphasize a 'SEVEN point victory"?!😂😕

  14. LiL KAA says

    Just to remind yall he is in his 16 year!! 💯💯💯

  15. Keepinit100 Everyday says

    They one shooter who can defend also in the playoffs (sorry Kyle Korver) and some valuable experience in the young guys from being a legitimate contender , they get that and another star player next season with that capspace look out Golden State

  16. Donald Champ says

    Just so glad we 👑 🐐 on our team!

  17. neth says

    commentators high key trashing Grayson Allen lmao 🤣🤣😭😭

  18. PlugNation says

    Lebron out there playing MyCareer on Pro.

  19. Worthy 78 says

    You have to admit, Javelle McGee has become a pretty decent, reliable center.

  20. Amani Billups says

    Brandon Ingram powered us

  21. Pablo Ramos says

    You got me fucked up Brandon got us this W ! ESPN really be dick riding lebron

  22. Ze says

    Daily reminder: LeBron is 17-31 against western conference teams in the playoffs. That’s a 36% win percentage 😂😂

  23. William M says

    You mean Ingram and ball

  24. outoftime says

    lakers beter than celts dam u lebum

  25. ZombieZifiction says

    kcp sucks ass

  26. G.A.M.A says

    He came to the west to shut all the haters down. To prove them wrong. And he's doing it at almost 34!!!🙌🏾🙏🏾 Appreciate it while you can coz you gonna miss him when he's gone.

  27. Gary Troisi says

    Watching SWEATY men play with balls is…GAY

  28. Tony Stark says

    Doesn't look like LeBron needs any more help beating a sub-500 team. So I guess Anthony Davis will be a Celtic soon. They're struggling. And besides, isn't LeBron the GOAT? Why need more stars? 🤣

  29. l3randon56 says

    "Well… one of those dukeess" LOL🤣 when he said that i was rollin. He even knew what he said sounded funny af.

  30. SaGeForReal says

    I don’t think you guys get it…

    Yes Lonzo and Ingram were way more aggressive in this game, but in previous games they tend to shrink. Why do you think LBJ had to score 44, 51, and 32 in the last 3 games. It’s because they weren’t consistent and just not too long ago..you guys just said that the lakers should trade the young core cuz they’re not helping LBJ at all. Now that one or two of them had string together 2 good games, you guys want them to be praised. They have to do better and be more consistent more than 2 games to get that recognition.

    Also, they lost the lead when LBJ was resting on the bench. He had to come in and close out the game for them.

    So pls enough with this whole “all they talk about is LBJ.” Of course they will continue talking about him, that’s how it always is cuz he’s the best player in the NBA right now. The narrative will always be if the young players can play well with him and improve.

    Tbh…I was getting frustrated with Ingram cuz he wasn’t being aggressive..Lonzo as well was still trying to get back into NBA shape. So it’s good to see them being more active and doing something on the court. They have a lot to prove this season considering that this team might change in the 2nd half of the season.

    Also, KCP and Stephenson didn’t play well at all in this game. Sloppy plays and overall the team turn overs were horrendous. But they still won this sloppy ugly game which is a good thing. It shows that they can play slow and ugly games like this and win it.

    I think ppl tend to underestimate the Lakers, but they’re a “work in progress” kind of team. They’re still building team chemistry and Rondo is out for a whole, which means Lonzo will get more minutes and will fins his role. Kuzma needs to get back into as well.

  31. Sam Fisher says

    Does LJ slow down? Lol

  32. Brad Lamb says

    I loved them picking on that bitch Allen

  33. ThousandairesClub says

    OG in the game.

  34. BKK says

    My hemrrhoids are acting up today

  35. Toppnotch Mike says

    Would you vote for lebron to be in congress? I would

  36. J1.92c says

    1:05 LOL!

  37. Meat_balls says

    your right stu both are dukies.

  38. keef davis says

    Zo gave Donovan Mitchell a contusion, that's why Lakers won.

  39. I Don't Know Man says

    Keep winning.

  40. Yeezys’ R’Gay says

    Lakers “fans” started sucking Balls then they sucked Kuzma and LeBron dick now they’re riding Ingram overrated ass. 😆

  41. Alex Aquino says

    It seems like any other Laker could go off like Brandon Ingram and still Lebron is going to be the topic of discussion. Give me a break!

  42. puni sher says

    Whos harden?

  43. An Pham says

    “one of those dookies is better than the other dookie”

  44. christian mejia says

    🐐 🐐 🐐

  45. 1quickster says

    If the Lakers can't sign any superstar for 2019 season. Maybe they should do this instead. First resign McGee, Chandler, Rondo. After the one year deals leaves. The starter should be Ball PG, Ingram SG, James SF, Moritz Wagner PF, McGee CTR. Second unit Rondo PG, Hart SG, Mykhailiuk, SF, Kuzma PF, Chandler CTR. They just need to gel and after 20 games and plenty of practice they should just be fine.

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