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  1. Robert Culver says

    Sounds like a big pharma, CIA hit because he was saving to many lives.

  2. Bunny Princess says

    my son born 72 he started getting crazy asthma spiking fevers 104 he was 18 mo i get it stop vaccines Praise the LORD!!

  3. P Man says

    Then dont have your kid vaccinated!

  4. Bunny Princess says

    i got a cholera shot in the hospital in charles de gaul 87 i flew to india contracted cholera!!!!!

  5. Michele Moneywell says

    I was fortunate to have a spouse who supported me in home schooling and not vaccinating. Before marrying or having children, discuss these things.

  6. paul norris says

    2 vipers twisted around a mace… Yep, sounds like a great bunch of folks. I live in Ga. You cant prosecute a doctor here. Why does the law protect them?

  7. jaswant khalsa says

    You have to understand the pressure that MDs are under. I’m not talking about this man. But your MD is under terrible pressure to do it the standard protocol. Mds will be replaced by robots before RNs are.

  8. Bruno Weight says

    I wonder if you was about to give some profound information about cancer cure and all the things he found out and he was just sick and tired of playing the cancer game anybody who speaks out about cures and so on and so forth you know that murdered their put down it's been hundreds of doctors naturopaths Etc was he going to reveal some information to the public I wouldn't doubt it if so they absolutely would kill him somebody with that kind of background and prestige just saying people he would have to be believed he's already proven he's not as pharmaceutical companies probably like to label doctors that go against their pharmaceutical poison as Quacks they couldn't say that about this doctor. I say he was ready to reveal something for the world and they put him down most people that are woke they know the rule is to keep people sick and medicated not to cure them and not to keep them healthy you're worth 0 if you're healthy you're worth millions if you're sick and toxic by eating trashy food and taking all these drugs you're nothing but currency to these companies and it's sadistic and it's sickening

  9. rick walcott says

    No money in curing cancer, big pharma makes a killing in treating it. We've had the cure for cancer for a long time now, they don't want to cure cancer, because there's no money in healthy people. 😳🤧😷🤒🤕

  10. Starbuck 777 says

    I had a Yellow Fever vac. last year. No probs. He was 67 I guess. I must say, whilst I understand you have strong views, it's not a "disservice" to our kids should parents choose to vaccinate with the very best of intentions for their child. It's a personal choice, based on love and welfare. You're obviously very emotional attached to this subject, and a have a clear opinion, but to label parents who choose differently to you with "doing a disservice" to their child is not right, brother. Just saying. 🙏 I would, and did, listen happily to you're more general opinions and criticisms of vaccinating.

  11. Tyler Dillard says

    The healthcare system is a joke. These people in control of the insurance and healthcare are all sick, twisted and out of touch. They make it very hard to live healthily, but will bend over backwards to prescribe harmful medicines. The gig is UP! Complete disservice and utter failure. Im surprised the American people take it like they do…

  12. sarge27271 says

    Shit! Out of all of us, HE should have known better!!
    Yeah…quick, get your poison….FREE at your local pharmacy!!

  13. Graziano Fuma says

    Bingo Michel. You got it….

  14. Parma Singh says

    Verty sad any idea if he was close to a cure or did he endorse any way to help cure to fight the big C

  15. Dr E J Langseth says

    There were 3 attempts on my life, resulting in my familly's relocation out of state after 2 cats were found dead, then my Rottie and one of our horses were poisoned, dying horribly. I was a whistleblower, lost 2 jobs, sued, blacklisted in 3 states, driven into personal bankruptcy and physical disability. "They" don't care who dies for refusing to look the other way. Do you keep your soul, or sell-out?

  16. Matt G says

    I know it's the truth too. But still go docs if ill. We should have more natural, traditional cheaper, time proven remedies issued from the GPs (General Practitioners/local docs.) as prescribed prescriptions. I know every herbal remedy will have slightly different strengths of each ingredient and it isn't a packaged med. which causes issues but if basic, cheap , proven and safe works then let it work don't let the masses suffer for selfish, controlling , money reaping reasons.
    Please help educate us. I think should be part of the school curriculum to look after ourselves. A message to anyone with power who can, would and does care.
    Just my thoughts.

  17. Jenn Chapman says

    I took of pic of the cnn article of this. Then right below a few paragraphs you see related story Outbreak of yellow ..fever in Brazil

  18. M Litvin says

    Keep an eye on the connections.

  19. riskybizness00 says

    I have watched of my 4 grandkids develop allergies (respiratory and skin related) after my children have had their children vaccinated. Six years ago, I got a flue vaccine shot at age 50 (first and last one in my life). Experienced 2 types of mono and horrible myalgia pain since. They are shooting us with poison.

  20. T says

    Nothing to do with nuclear fallout. Fukushima gonna get everyone soon. Wake up!!

  21. Charles Vandenburgh says

    There is no conceivable way to eradicate the flu because it will just mutate; even worse, it will just produce deadlier forms. Now we are faced again with polio and rubella, once thought to have been eradicated. Sometime in the years ahead, there will be a virus that could easily kill millions.

  22. G R says

    One thing you never want to do after you announce you have found a cure for Cancer is take a shot…. I wonder what happened to his papers…. I bet they got lost. Ha…ha

  23. Rick Phillips says

    My late wife died from the chemo. At cancer treatment center of America. She would still be alive probably
    but they pushed the CRAP on her. It blew up her heart and shut down her organs.
    But they made her sign a waiver before she died to
    not be sued. Horrible death
    and if I ever get diagnosed with cancer, I will never take the chemo. God bless everyone.

  24. tangobayus says

    Do people get better because of chemo or in spite of it? Someone once said that "chemo is like pouring gasoline on a fire."

  25. JJD1913 says

    cure or close to it / The elites could not let this happen ?? Think of how many would lose everything if a cure was found ? Many … And it would directly involve every aspect of it A snowball effect . ~JustMy2Cents

  26. Cherryrose Blood says

    This years? 2019 flu shot. Just want to be clear that’s this years. Stop getting any shots unless I’m forced too in 2008.

  27. Raja Lang says

    Pink Floyd, Sheep, stay out of the road if you want to grow old.

  28. Shane Walter says

    Its way past time we all got together and did something about the state we have let things get.

  29. freevideos051 says

    I got the vaccines and I have the same issues as your son, its like vaccines are a future income to the medical system

  30. Elizabeth Jones says

    I would be dead now if not for modern medicine. I had an infected leg that i tried to fix by homeopathic means but it got out bof control. If not for antibiotics, i would be dead.

  31. Life is awesome Everyday says

    My twins where completely healthy and thriving until they where vaccinated,now they both have autism,brain damage and a lot more,i home school them the best I can,they have no immune system now and have to spend 24 hours a day at home

  32. Peter Vanderhoof says

    you can check out this site for more mystery deaths of Natural healing doctors & others; Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News. She has video reports on some 100 or so doctors w/Mystery deaths in past 3-4 yrs… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC85x4iQIC8JENyLy6xRsF8Q

  33. no reply says

    I'm 45 yrs old and I can't even remember the last time I got a flu shot or any vaccine for that matter and I've been just fine. Hell I was homeless for like 8 yrs and I'm still good.

  34. Chad Michael says

    I wonder why. Could it be he was going to say that cancer was and is made made. Perpetrated by the Illuminati in an effort to kill us down before we can revolt. This makes me want to fight them even more now. SMH. my thought and prayers go to those he left behind. He had to of seen this coming.

  35. a. banks. says

    They are killing many healing wholistic doctors and microbiologist…
    They've been killing them. They want an incurable pandemic to start and wipe out most of the human race. They won't stop until they accomplish this.. Not even the children will be spared…

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