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Juice WRLD – Armed & Dangerous (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_) | Wonderdir


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Lyrical Lemonade Presents

Juice WRLD – Armed & Dangerous (Official Music Video)

Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Dre Moon
Performance DP: Stephan Knight

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  1. Jacob Tisland says

    ight but u still flyin coach nigga

  2. Belgium Gaming says

    when you already downloaded the deleted version :=)

  3. Noahs Noah says

    Like if juice wrld better then lil uzi vert

  4. RASORBLADE66 - says

    ColeBennett :what effects would you like in your vid

    juice: yes

  5. DelliriiuM says

    He was on acid right…? At the end?

  6. COOLBOY says

    The black bars are added in post, they don't even reach either edge of the video all the way. There is a sliver where you can see the original video. If it's going to bother me forever, it'll bother you too now.

  7. Savage Diver says

    999 Shit

  8. Jake Guzda says

    I’m sorry but this song is trash

  9. FaZe_ Butter says

    best song yet lowkey if u dislike ur a disgrace

  10. The Central Of Rap says

    Woah, i already listened to this 12,481,619 times?

  11. J T says

    You digg💫

  12. TSM_Merritt says

    Why do I feel like I’ve seen this before ? Maybe it’s just Deja Vu. 🧐🤨

  13. Bradley Fortuin says

    best song ever!!!!

  14. Rith Rith says

    This is lit 🖤

  15. fortnitespecialest 29 says

    Lmao its been deleted like 3 times

  16. [DYSR]POT JOY says

    When you find Diamonds in Minecraft 0:51

  17. vBailing Issues says

    1:38 when my dog here me come home.

  18. Sleepy says

    this song goes hard as fuck

  19. Travie Knight says

    Fire, love this much ♥

  20. gh0st says

    This song ass, no bars :/

  21. Liz Jimenez says

    I love u juice wrld 😃

  22. JeraYt veldw says


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