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Joe: We’re Seeing Worst Of President Donald Trump After Midterms | Morning Joe | MSNBC | Wonderdir


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‘As the scope and the scale of the historic Democratic landslide in the midterms becomes clear, we’re actually getting a chance now unfortunately to see the worst of Donald Trump,’ says Joe Scarborough.
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Joe: We’re Seeing Worst Of President Donald Trump After Midterms | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. pbruc brooks says

    Mueller just do the law, Please!

  2. Shadowshard73 says

    Trump is a traitor to the US and a coward.

  3. J says

    45th US Pettydent

  4. FLEETWOOD fleet says

    LIBERALS truly hate AMERICA and the constitution, it's just UNBELIEVABLE.

  5. Kelley Irish says

    The blue wave hit then square in the face

  6. Kathy L. says

    Don't forget fear of getting his hair wet.

  7. Court says

    He has to run again just so he can keep pardon power

  8. ricky spanish says

    Russian trolls detected

  9. gerry kline says

    must be brave sitting behind a news desk!

  10. Bowen says

    This is the most effective President I have seen in all of my years of voting. History will treat him favorably because he has against great opposition kept us from going into globalization as a sovereign nation and has jump started this economy like I have never seen even while the Federal Reserve has attempted to crash it, it appears to me. He has been attacked by the News Media, Democrats, Republicans, Hollywood, other leaders but has put America first and has stood strong and firm in protecting this country. I like this President.

  11. Fallawake 88 says

    I disagree about Trump not seeking reelection in 2020. He's going to want to stay in office as long as possible to stave off lawsuits, not the least of which is undoubtedly whatever Mueller found that obviously has him spooked. This is a bad, bad situation for any country's government to be in.

  12. b says


  13. Matt Trudden says

    Joe Scarborough is a loser never been right just watch god forbid trump will be reelected he is just preaching to his low hanging fruit

  14. John Knighton says


  15. Lifesabitch214 says

    Worst? Ahahaha! Hold my beer..coke!

  16. Comments Enabled says

    Correction- We are seeing the worst YET of Donald Trump. Update- Trump said he was grateful for HIMSELF the day after this video posted (Thanksgiving Day 2018). He is a tool. I can't believe any person likes him. He's repulsive in every way!

  17. millimetreperfect says

    Let’s see his accounts!

  18. LichenAndMoss says

    Hey Joe, Woodward and Bernstein never actually said “follow the money”

  19. Vassily Leclerc says

    That Because Democrats always cheat during Election for allowing no citizens to vote. You lost the 2016 Election and never get over it.

  20. Mario Duran says

    Scum of the Earth

  21. Ziva David says

    bonespurs COWARD

  22. Winston Beckford says

    I'm from the UK, told my friends in 2016 he only does it for the money, not for the people, it will get worse, wake up and grow up middle America, this is not a game, the world needs you to open your eyes

  23. Oliver Dash says

    You are all joking you have not seen anything yet, he is just warming up.

  24. Grace Franklin says

    It's reported right now that the cost of employing our military to the Border to go up to 210 million dollars. All this because of the midterms. This must be deflating to those soldiers who served overseas in great Danger and come home to be a prop, expensive prop for Trump. This money could have been used for infrastructure 4r cities and towns, for improvement of Education. But no, it's a high waste of our tax dollars. This man must be stopped and let someone else who cares about America to take over ASAP, before he spends every last dime.

  25. Stacie Upchurch says

    True story, Joe!

  26. JeepAndBass says

    We’re seeing the worst of MSNBC unfortunately 🤷‍♂️

  27. Dara MacCarthy says

    Just read that <50% of population voted 🙄🙄🙄 FFS

  28. Shawn Munger says


  29. sandra d says

    Impact on how the US allies sees the US..

  30. Island Monkey says

    This scum needs to be impeached

  31. Stephen Macleod says

    Treachery and treason in plain sight!

  32. ··LOL… Pusillanimous pantywaist. Pusi!
    …The "men" YOU elect..
    – " Outbreak "

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