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Ivanka Trump allegedly sent White House emails from personal account: Report | Wonderdir


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According to the Washington Post, first daughter and senior adviser to the president, used a personal account last year to send hundreds of emails, potentially in violation of federal records rules.

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  1. Motley Byron says

    Do you know what is LOWER than a SNAKE, more DISGUSTING than a RAT, more VILE than a MAGGOT…the answer is a LIBERAL "REPORTER." President Donald J Trump has done an EXTRAORDINARY job as president, he getting MY PEOPLE…black Americans to WORK… he's NOT TREATING us as VICTIMS…but as VICTORS…all we need to achieve the American Dream, is a JOB…all FUCKING LIBERALS have done is divide people based on differences, to gain votes, President Trump has put us to work… OH…BTW…Ivanka Trump has done NOTHING WRONG… this is just ANOTHER USELESS WITCH HUNT…done by a bunch of WORTHLESS COWARDS… AKA…LIBERALS…FUCK OFF LIBERAL SCUM….we don't BELIEVE FAKE NEWS anymore!

  2. CAS says

    Revoke her White House Clearance

  3. Seraph Espada says

    Like Hillary Clinton?

  4. Free Dirt says

    Were they classified?

  5. jamesha jaramillo says

    And y’all petty dumb asses voted for them because Hillary did it. Jokes on you 😂

  6. jamesha jaramillo says


  7. Josh Lanier says

    Wow GMA is as democractic as it comes. This shouldn't even be in the news. Ivanka using her email to organize family events and meetings is not even close to being on the same par as using your personal email to send "classified" information and then delete them and lie about it… Lmao everyone screaming lock her up I want to trade you out with one of those Honduran migrants in Tuijana right now. I'm ready for your liberal excuses now.

  8. sorry m8 says

    Now it seems like they are grabbing at straws.

  9. Speed Racer says

    All the dislikes on this video are tRump fans 😂

  10. Josh DeRoche says

    Ohhh I love these clueless comments claiming “hypocrisy” yet she turned over every single email on the server unlike Hillary who deleted 33,000 of them 🤣

  11. Tyler Cook says

    Democrats only wins have to be either vague or a lie. This is both.

  12. HellRazah says

    As trump would say. LOCK HER UP!!

  13. Tex says

    So now this suddenly is news worthy? Didnt hear you guys when it happened to Hilary 🤷‍♂️

  14. Miranda Miranda says

    Lock her and her sorry ass dad up!!

  15. Chatty Cathy says

    I hate this administration…..

  16. leni lenape says

    Feckless c–t.

  17. Brady J says

    Lock her up! Throw away the unwanted fashion designer.

  18. Brown Boots says

    ABC peddles half news stories for ratings. Yeehaw. Eat it up!

  19. Ronald Joseph says

    ONE day later—-And Ivanka Trump is out of the NEWS….. What's up with that—COWARDS…. WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT WHITEHOUSE EMPLOYEES BREAKING THE LAW!

  20. Nel Son says

    2:25 sounds like he's talking about his daughter lol

  21. David Abbott says

    Let me know when she sends nudes

  22. Richard Parker says

    #crookedivanka the feckless cunt.

  23. Jerry FromUSA says

    Accused of doing EXACTLY what Hillary did? Now that’s fake news.

  24. basic says

    im so over this candidacy

  25. Jaco H says

    is she an idiot?

  26. Henry Dawkins says

    Crooked Ivanka.What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  27. Daniel Dillon says


  28. A M says

    2 days later: Ivanka miraculously proven innocent say 8 different lawyers none of them sponsored by Trump (of course)

  29. Rudy Villarreal says

    Lock her up

  30. Bryan Isensee says

    Difference is, she never deleted a email, and I doubt serially nothing importing like government business wuzzz ever said. Alls well from where I stand…

  31. Bryan Isensee says

    Might as well put the word Trump in the dictionary describing torment, thorn in the ass, Persecute, prey on???

  32. Sid Smith says

    Some of these Illegal people are dressed better than we are.

  33. Sid Smith says

    Lock her up.

  34. Mary Chela says

    Well who say all those shine are smart 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ some of them are just 💩💩💩 with a lower brain …

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