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Inside The Search For Nearly 1,000 People Missing From The California Wildfire (HBO) | Wonderdir


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CHICO, California — As the Camp Fire continues to burn, 12 days later, and at 66 percent containment, 77 deaths have been confirmed, and 993 are left unaccounted for.

With over 151,000 acres burned, the search for the unaccounted is unprecedented.

“We don’t normally have a process to deal with this many unaccounted for individuals,” Butte County Sheriff and Coroner Kory Honea told VICE News. But the list has posed several challenges for authorities trying to track everyone down. Issues range from: People not knowing they are on the list, duplicated names due to converged data sets, to even finding remains in all the debris.

While the list of unaccounted people represents an imperfect picture of the missing, it does illustrate the large retirement community in the area. Paradise, the city hardest hit by the fires, was known, in part, as a retirement community, a quiet place for people to get away.

VICE News spent time with Tammie Konicki, during her search for her missing 64-year-old mother, who was last seen getting into a car the morning of the fire.

“Hopefully she is somewhere and just doesn’t have a way to get a hold of us,” Konicki said of her mother. “Right now, for me, no news is good news, because no news means she hasn’t been found dead,” she said. “She’s not one of those bodies as of yet.”

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  1. Les Car says

    Excellent video.

  2. Diocletian says

    It’s so bad out here in the Sacramento area, can’t imagine how it is up near Paradise and Chico. The rain came today thank god. I hope it stays. I’ll be in San Francisco Friday to see Behemoth, and the air has been bad there too.

  3. Teresa Svensson says

    So sorry, prayers for you all, and us. Well soon it could be everywhere.

  4. Forest fire ? Then why trees were not burned down ? May be because they are made of iron ?

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  6. David Kupfer says

    Right when the US is facing its biggest fight in history, against climate change, it has a leader who denies its existence, who is more worried about China and who pulled out of the paris climate agreements. With the best of luck California stays inhabitable for 10 more years, until every single water source is depleted. Its heart breaking to realize that these scenes will be more common in future.

  7. Jessica McNally says

    VICE I suggest you do a story on DEW and at least consider the alternative perspective.

  8. Jeanne K says

    land grab for the proposed bullet train…fires are in it's path

  9. MARTHA N S'ALOM says


  10. Jack Crouch says

    Make a park out of it!!! Leave!!

  11. Really sad

  12. rdooski says

    This fire was started by a projectile or some sort of explosion. And it was caught on a nasa satellite. Its shown right at the beginning of this video.

  13. TrypSquad says

    The campfire??!! 0:18

  14. Trish Wade says

    Have they asked the South-East Asian authorities who coordinated the searches for the missing after the tsunami for some help in how to manage this?

  15. Alec Levy-O'Brien says

    Most destructive and deadliest, not largest. Best wishes to all affected by the fires and smoke.

  16. Ravi Kumar says

    God punished them because they banned Bible in California

  17. David Lang says

    This told the story of the Camp fire in a way that brought it home. It made it personal. Vice News have always understood what’s important and meaningful in a story. I’m so disappointed in how traditional news sources have failed so miserably in their reportage. Thank you for your good work.

  18. Ivory Peteet says

    I live in chico and half my family lives in paradise this has been a sad month

  19. al spencer says

    Rip on Thanksgiving Day !

  20. attovishnu says

    Where were the cops that are always spouting off about how fucking great they are?

  21. pixiniarts says

    Terrible to say it but with the extremely high temperatures and prolonged burning there will be a number permanently missing.
    I just hope to god that the number is far lower than the estimated figure.

  22. ohmusicsweetmusic says

    the pre-placed wheel chair and walker in front of the burned building was a nice touch.

  23. steve mcdonald says

    clickbait..not even close to 1000

  24. LilBlasian Peep says

    It looks so nice today so glad it rained

  25. Can't Beat The BAY! says

    Good luck .. the aliens have them now.

  26. BC VC says

    praying for them

  27. keensweep says

    Some folks didnt even see it coming. Story via a friend; senior citizen was picked up by son just in time to escape reported seeing occupied neighbors homes engulfed.. said that his entire neighbor hood most likely burned alive and he almost did to if not for his son arriving just after he noticed flames out the window..

  28. Oscar Banuelos says

    Such difficult times

  29. ACE420 says

    This is my hometown we will rebuild. Not only paradise but many other towns burnt up that day. #ridgestrong

  30. Nick Med says

    I got smoked out because of this fire!

  31. Ian 71X says

    An urban firestorm?? So it wasn't a forest fire?? Well, at least there beginning to make sense in their explanations.

  32. Simo Jovic says

    This is got punishing america for all the gays and tranny soldiers they have.

  33. 68Camaro RS/SS says

    Prayers to all..and much respect and safe fire fighting to the men & women

  34. Aadi Yellamelli says

    ##Oh My God

  35. The Sinister Scrutinizer says

    Who's been spraying Ca. for the last decade?

  36. Al White says

    i can sleep, even when my bed is burning…lol

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