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“Governor Can’t Decide What’s Holy And Unholy”: Omar Abdullah To NDTV | Wonderdir


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National Conference leader Omar Abdullah today came down heavily on Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik’s decision to dissolve the state assembly, asserting that the public official’s constitutional responsibilities do not include judging “which political alliance is holy and which is not”. Mr Abdullah was referring to the Governor’s statement that he had dissolved the assembly to “discourage horse-trading” and prevent “opportunistic parties with opposing political ideologies” from coming together to form an unstable government in Jammu and Kashmir. “Also, why was the same yardstick not applied when the BJP and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) came together years ago? Why is J&K suddenly being held to a higher standard?” he asked in an interview with NDTV.

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  1. Wajid Uddin says

    Governor shouldn't be a political person. He should b from Various fields of societies not from ant political affiliation.

  2. Deepak Yadav says

    Respect for omar sirr..humble and intelligent…should be pm of india

  3. Anand gaval says

    Omar Abdullah is right , Governor is done an unconstitutional step same on him ,…..

  4. yamin yaqoob says

    omar sahab is a great person under wrong leadership

  5. Manzoor Akhone says

    We people of India knows well what governor's of state are doing ….from supreme Court judgment history Governor's must learn lesson but I think governor's are violater of constitution of India

  6. gaurav swain says

    Governor is with BJP it's clear

  7. Pankaj Shah says

    Abdulla family is most arrogant n mentally corrupt political family ever.😢😢😢

  8. ellie,muffasa and others says

    Then who gave you or media right to decide what is holy or not.

  9. Ehsanul Haque says

    Governor was expecting govt. Formation by bjp using the horse trading. The moment bjp saw the hope vanished governor dissolved the assembly. BJP is the bunch of hypocrites

  10. riyan sadiq says

    Brilliant politician , people of kashmir and politicians build up pressure to ask for resignation of governor

  11. Azhar Yousaf says

    Omar for PM

  12. michael jhon says

    ram madhav madrasi ko jammu kashmir me jake bitha diya madarchod hai wo chutiya

  13. ghouse mohiuddin says

    Politicians who keep self and party interest above the public interest are the real traitors.

  14. rastafar 225 says

    Proud that he is from my state. Much better CM than people like Yogi n all.

  15. Ifty Sarwar says

    That Guv's face says it all.

  16. John Mardi says

    The governor has been merely playing the BJP tune. He is not worthy to be governor. He is acting BJP head of the state. Shameful governor.

  17. Sameer Arora says

    I am not bjp supporter but Bjp take good step in Kashmir and Omar and mufti both are corrupt people

  18. Vivek Indian says

    Most of the BJP ruling governer react puppet of bjp
    Some time ago Smt Anandi Ben governer of madya Pradesh trained BJP worker.
    In Goa congress not form govt after major party
    After that Karnataka whole India observed high voltage drama by governer
    It's a trend clear show how to constitutional post of governer
    Breech constitution Very well

    Now Madhya Pradesh, CG, rajsthan and Mizoram on pipeline
    Not big word governer of 4 state might be baised

  19. Vivek Indian says

    Bharat ke muslim yuvao Ko Umar Abdullah Ko ideal banan chaiye .
    Or owissi also.

  20. Vidya Babla says

    Nice discussion now wait for election results to know who is winner in J & K.

  21. ubaid bhat says

    As this point of time, I don't think there's any single leader (Flawed or Flawless) to replace Omar Abdullah in the State of J&K. Even though if he has inherited power from a dynasty.

  22. Vivek Indian says

    Chinta na kare
    Desh me Bo waqt bhi aayega
    Jab BJP or congress dono manuvadiyo ki party
    Ek dusre Ko support karegi..

    Ye baat mahan neta
    Manyavar kanshiram ne keh di hai

    Jammu and Kashmir ke governer ke upar rastra droha ka case chlna chaiye.
    Unhone Apne power ka misuse Kiya hai.

    Mahabiyog ke layak hai ye governer

    Ye to khule aam savidhan ki dajjiya udda rahe hai.

  23. bhoop singh says

    Omar Abdullah is the great and true leader

  24. ngulai rong says

    A true Statesmanship Mr. Omar Abdullah.

  25. Premsunder Das says

    Under BJP non political posts of Governors have become political

  26. Rishabh says

    We are fools , we hate current govt , forget what happened in last govt , so we want to choose govt which we hate less 😁 because we have forgotten about them .

  27. Sahil Vaid says

    As permanent resident of JK and residing menber in JK, I found governor rule far better and stable than that of the chosen representatives .. state is progressing under governer rule and trust of people has started developing on present sovereign (governor) whereas political parties are getting sad on this … Hail Governor ….

  28. Sid dalmia says

    All Indians knows Governors are BJP’s puppets.

  29. Sarang Manjrekar says

    Very much logic is what this guy is talking.

  30. Zahra Manzoor says

    Omar well said nice statement

  31. Shamik Singh says

    After 2014, Politics in my country has become more about religions….

  32. Kiran K says

    Do you think the elections can be held in Jammu kashmir

  33. Ulhas Tayade says

    One of the most sorted out young leaders of this country! Absolutely no nonsense!
    Loved it

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