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  1. ImAshTho says

    How come some people just come here to click the dislike button then leave

  2. Awesome Yangs says

    Don't you mean fight Fortnite with Fortnite?

  3. Thomas Tannous says

    Do you play on the same map every time, or is it just me

  4. jd62908 says

    Omg VG found the cure for cancer

  5. Mystic Gamer says

    Upload the king George video from last night

  6. VarsityGaming says

    This is the meta. One side goes cancer, then it's an all out war.
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/varsitygaming

    Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/varsitygaming

    Insta: https://www.instagram.com/VarsityGamingTV

  7. Roguis says

    Subscribe To PewDiePie

  8. Scout says

    Thats the most inspiring title on youtube.

  9. Mr Grim says

    Those 8 dislikes were the enemy team

  10. MrSpartanspud says

    Remember the good opd days when you could get 5 stacks before Rob and Patrick died? It just hasn't been the same since then. 😢

  11. Billa Vanilla says

    Free Lion🦁👊🏾

  12. Tom says

    Change the title

  13. Payne Kaufmann says

    Hi drews pupper

  14. KV YT says

    This is a major breakthrough in the field of medicine. It has been discovered that the fatal disease of cancer can, in fact be cured by taking another sample of cancer to combat the original disease. Stay tuned for further updates.

  15. Jack Rinear says

    Love the daily vids man. Keep it up!

  16. Alfredo Zarate says

    Saw the thumbnail and gave it a like right away, that’s my boy Lion😘

  17. Eric Rosales says

    Hibana, wanna drop the def…. camera follows defused icon

  18. Mason Gardner says

    Black ice for Jager, lucky ;-;

  19. Marshall Harvey says

    Black ice… please… give…. meee 😀

  20. jjswatt gamer says

    Plz do a valk operator mastery

  21. Haiiro CS says

    Omg “drew will take care of him” don’t kill the dog man com’n

  22. Alex.r6 says

    Who lives in Nunavik?

  23. DragonSlayr4141 says

    What if they added a function to where if twitch picked her drone up she reloaded the tasers

  24. Nabil Yahya says

    I gave my cancer a cancer

  25. National Security Agency says

    What settings do you play on?

  26. Alex.r6 says

    19:08 Action is coming…

  27. Jeswin Paul says

    Chris, if you are going to Nunavut, you got to go to Alert, my friends and I have been planning to go there for 4 years, its the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world. Just saying if you are going anywhere in Nunavut you gotta go there.

  28. Peter Warburton says

    Thank you someone else finally hates that bet thing it’s fucking annoying and like the way people say it’s cringy and they repeat it over and over again

  29. Cpt. Battlecock says

    Fight cancer with measles.

  30. Vytenis Kajackas says

    Ash is prenerf Ela of attack, but this bitch isnt nerfed… Why?

  31. claudio tobias says

    Lion isn't câncer

  32. MajorS says

    Your dog is probably tired of being left in the basement

  33. MrMooshroomCow says

    "You can not drive out hate with hate, only love can do that. You can not drive out cancer with cancer, only Varsity can do that."

  34. ThatOne Guy says

    You talked in siege school reinforcements about how jäger should never reinforce hatches but you do it

  35. David Lopez says

    Played a team yesterday that literally went dokkabitch lion blitz jackal and ying every attacking round

  36. Lava Bullets says

    I enjoy the barking it’s the sound of a good boi

  37. ethan grey says

    you know whats funny is my name is ethan so LOL
    Like if you eat 1 meal a month'

  38. Prime says

    Didn't Ubi say they are going to rework lion?
    I think that they should make his gadget have a certain range. So, first of all his scan will no longer scan the entire map but only scan a certain distance of whatever floor lion is at. An example would be on bank if lion is on the main floor of bank his scan would only work on the same floor he is currently at and if the obj is in basement then no one on the basement floor would be affected. For his range it would be a circle where lion is always in the center of, but this is the more tricky part to balance since Ubi would have to find the sweet spot where he isn't useless but where the scan would not affect the entire floor. Also, once the scan is activated the circle of the range will stay static and will not change as lion moves during the scan. If the defenders are in the range of the scan then the lion scan would work like it does now and have the indicator in the center and have the screen shake and have the voice announce the scan. If the defenders are not in the range or on different floors than the indicator becomes smaller and moves to the side of the screen, it is also grayed out and never yellow to show the defenders that scan is being activated but that they are not in the range of it. Also, there would be a lot less screen shake if the defenders are not in the range of the scan. I think this would make lion use his scans more wisely and have to be with his team to make in impacted for that round.

  39. Luna says

    Hello Bower you are a beautiful good floof

  40. matthew says


  41. Neptune. Chill says

    drew got better

  42. Kathryn O'reilly says


  43. Hello Dudes says

    His voice sounds boring

  44. Zookalooza says

    VG, is there a reason when you play ela shotgun without a sight? Does it make the recoil better or something?

  45. im a lunatic says

    Jäger himself is stupid he's uploading people's content and he's making vids saying only females have to deal with toxic 9 year olds

  46. Akame :3 says

    What operators can have blackice?

  47. Tammie Williams says

    Not cool to make hvarisity to watch his channels

  48. Ace Reaper says

    I was born in June so I'm a Cancer

  49. Joshua Woolmer says

    Imagine if doggo had a dog, doggo's dog !

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