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Diddy Broken Over Kim Porter’s Death | TMZ Live | Wonderdir


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The mogul was very close to Kim.

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  1. youknowit says

    It's amazing all the love the media says Diddy had for her, but he didn't marry her!

  2. loreflonn1 says

    @Kristy Moore, I came home from work Tuesday night, and had a hard time breathing. I showered and went to bed. The next morning I woke up, it was hard for me to breath, I could barely carry myself to the shower. I prayed in and out for the Lord to seek me through. Once I got dressed, I got in my car and drove myself to the Emergency Room. I told the admission lady my symptoms and how I was feeling. They immediately checked my heart rate and blood pressure which was out of whack. They started doing x-rays, c-t, breathing treatments because I was hurting. When my test results came back it was pneumonia and parainflueza 4. Thank God I got up. I have two young children who needs me more than anything. The Doctor told me if I would have waited one more day, it would have been really bad for me. So yes people, I don't care if you don't have insurance, if you're having difficulty breathing and you've never felt like this before get up and check yourself out. So sad to hear about Kim's passing.

  3. Fluffy Moe! says

    As a vegan black man I'm feel really bad for the families God bless you all🤗

  4. Natalie Taul says

    Yes if TMZ is on the scene it’s always fishy💯

  5. positiveirish says

    Puffy has FOUR children with Kim. Quincy was adopted by puff.

  6. James Alexander says

    Yer yer yer. STFU diddy. If you really cared about her you would have put a ring on it. Motherfucker.

  7. James Alexander says

    She's just come back from a trip to Africa. Africa's a continent not a country retard. Just name the fucking country.

  8. Yadira Roman says

    So sad… Rest in Peace Beautiful 🙌😢

  9. new Orleans Queen says

    What happens to going to the emergency room.. i hate when the media think the public is that crazy and stupid not to know celebrities always died the same way in Hollywood… Prince died the same way what a coincidence…

  10. Modern Mobile Gamer says

    Rip kim porter rest easy 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Alvin Nwaokike says

    She got back from a trip to South Africa and died. TMZ are y’all trying to pin her death to South African weather or what?? Wack network!!!

  12. Akua Olsen says

    That’s so absurd to say she just returned from Africa , And so what ?.. what the fuck are talking about .. Is Africa a dead zone .. Shame on you guys for looking down on our beautiful continent.. fuck your all ..shame on that swine who just opened his idiot mouth to say such shit .. if you have nothing nice to say don’t open your mouth

  13. Antoinette Barnett says

    Mr.nicG & Mr.West – faith evans is probably going to do a little remix. and he just might decide to wear a cape. since We Already Know, how he rolls….like it or lump it

  14. bob smith says

    How sad. RIP.🙏🏼🙏🏼

  15. lololee24 says

    TMZ is not going to sit here and act like that woman was the love of his life when he's been shacked up with his ex Cassey for 10 years. Puff fingers will not be made out to be some love sick puppy dog who lost the love of his life when he was to self serving, too selfish, too cocky to marry the lady. He loved himself, playing around, and side DICK too much to commit to anyone let alone the mother of his children. So TMZ and Puffy Fingers should fuck off and let that woman's children grieve.

  16. Chilel Bah. Nyan says

    are you trying to say she died because she visited Africa. what a shame on you guys.

  17. Strapgod 30 says

    Harvey u dont respect the living at least let the dead rip love the show not bs

  18. Conscious Wright says

    I've had 2 thoracentesis to remove fluid from my lungs due to lupus.  I felt horrible like having the flu.  I didn't know what was wrong until the 2nd hospitalization where I was diagnosed with SLE.  Anyone can accumulate fluid in their lungs due to flu or pneumonia.   Under no circumstances should people (rich or poor) be treated for colds, flu, or pneumonia at home.  She should've gone to ER and let the medical staff know that she had traveled out of the country.  I hate this for kids especially with holidays approaching.  My dad died Christmas eve.  So, I feel very empathetic for her kids. Parents please let Kim's death be a lesson learned. Go to the hospital, please.

  19. Sarah Butler says

    Right, greed ovet family 👊

  20. mdooms76 says

    Her face looked very worn, hardened and dull eyes. Even through all that make up she didn't look well. Like a heavy drinker and smoker. This is sad. No one knows what happened really.

  21. Emmy RichDart says

    @AnthonyAllen, your comment's ignorant. My parents are black, and they're on their 52 years of marriage. Retired for the past 10 years and now traveling together in their remaining years. I am 42 years old and been with my chocolate hubby for 16 years now and counting with 2 beautiful children. Go figure..🤔

  22. R Howard says

    Yes it was so very sad about Kim Porter's death and all the sudden.
    I can't believe that it had happened.
    As beautiful as she was and mother.

  23. Regina Bailey says

    OMG People STOP! I was just waiting for the conspiracy theories. People die at her age everyday. The only reason why you guys are crying conspiracy is because it is Diddy. Give it a break. Pneumonia is nothing to play with.

  24. ibmor Joey says

    Blood sacrifice?

  25. Al B says

    First thought was this chick seemed like a super cokey head, God bless the dead, hope they keep it all under wraps whatever the true cause was for the kids sake

  26. tash tash says

    I wonder if she caught something when she was in South Africa shortly before her death she was having flu like symptoms and possibly turned into pneumonia…

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