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  1. Danita P says

    WTH is that hair about Sal? 😣

  2. Ebony Fowler says

    Love you sal 😍🤗

  3. Julie Casey says

    Sal I love you Hair, Heart and Soul ! Thank you for another accurate read your so very gifted ! xo

  4. Rayah Caballes says

    Thank you very much sal🤗🤗🤗 I'm a cancerian here.

  5. Gabriele S says

    Is that your own hair? It looks great!! 🙂

  6. Ro russo says

    Amo tu cabello
    Love your hair

  7. Anamika Parmar says

    Sal hair makes me want to eat choclate😋

  8. Tarot Intuitive Reader says

    He push my love it's scares him I stay optimist

  9. The Lucid Dreamer Dreamer says

    Sal I love you – you are so beautifully amazing inside and out-nice green blazer

  10. Stephanie Wilson says

    Sal!! Your hair is so gorgeous!!!!

  11. Anamika Parmar says

    M getting liars n assholes😐

  12. Belinda Coppin says

    Yes we must keep these cretins on their toes…accountable 😉😊

  13. monik Monica says

    Pentacles are part of the energy of abundance, give and receive. I had issues with receiving in the past, not any more Sal!! I learned to be open to receive, not only give 🤗🥰💙🙏

  14. Betty B says

    wow all you said is true sal. Its as if ur talkin about me and ex cancer.

  15. oumayma ouma says

    Oh I'm jealous 😜sal u have a beautiful hair 😍😍😍😍

  16. Alua Ali says


  17. Alua Ali says

    Very short reading 😭😭😭😭

  18. Lnf Favela says

    Love u Sal!!

  19. missmusicdiva says

    I wish, Sal 😕💘

  20. sandrazee 0000 says

    Green coffee is good

  21. Ms. Bevis says

    Is your hair a Leo rising? Scorpiooo, you know water and fire make steam! Cuidado😘

  22. sxcychk1 says

    I do work in insurance lol 😂as an analyst but was in claims dept last year.

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