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  1. Journey of A Swazi says

    Energies a little mixed I guess but Cancer Moon … I'm tired. I just want to be left alone. I am healing I've decided ❤… thank you so much for this reading

  2. Priss 808 says

    All true!! I feel like he's holding this up and to pay me back ( I was out of town working once I got home ive been trying with him he's the one pulling away) i bet he'll decide he don't to get back at me. . Im getting close to giving up and move on. Soon I'll be saying im single and im happy with or without him. Again your AWESOME!! Thank you 💗 your readings.

  3. Moor Goddess says

    ♈ cross watching

  4. Donna Burney says

    Cancer dont have any options. Thank you for the reading. Cancer only have one person.

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