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  1. Roop Kiran says

    Ooooh Awesome Ace is back 😊

  2. Silky S says

    Good to have u back luv!! Always resonates. Xx 🤗🤗😁😁❤❤

  3. Miss Tery says

    Her ex in out boyfriend is still harassing her with narcissistic hoovering it's not charm. Her psychologist said he is a narcissistic sexual psychopath predator and threat to the baby… please universe, save her and the baby and help her run from him for her safety and the baby's 🙏

  4. Marie says

    OMG feels like you read my mind!! thats exactly how it was/is! I don't know why he is on my mind sometimes, don't even care about him anymore and I am with a new man that I love so much….Go figure

  5. Lucky Sprite says

    Thank you so much 😘 and its good to have you back 🙌🏼

  6. Sarah rose says

    Thank you!! My rising and my dear son is in this reading and my house move! The newcomer I’ve seen coming for months! Bless you dearest soul xx

  7. Word of the day! Amen says

    thank you

  8. 9geist says

    Your accuracy is Very disturbing…Thanks(I guess lol)

  9. Gavin Smith says

    Thanks for your work. Very resonant reading! Soft and silky voice and concise messages. Love, a Cancer.

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