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  1. Lucimar Teixeira says

    Awesome!!! You are straight to business!!! Love it!!! Hahaha thank you!,,

  2. Musings says

    Really appreciated this reading. Such great insights for me to work on and be aware of- yay!

  3. Shellie Martin says

    So true

  4. Lucky Sprite says

    RAVEEEEEEEN!!!! So ON POINT!!! You took the words right out of my mouth 💋💋💋Just did that 11:45pm Phil. time💋💋💋 keeps on ghosting…was looking forward to an apology but i figured i will not get it…SOOOO…i sent him a message and let go..

    Damn those narcissist videos on youtube..it was a major slap on my face and opened my eyes 😱😱😱

    Super dooper THANK YOU to YOUUUU 💋💋💋

    Feel so LIBERATING 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  5. Erika Davis says

    Ms. Raven!! I swear these last few months you've been saying this for both Cancer (my moon) and Aquarius (my sun, rising, and Venus). You have been 💯 spot on! I let go of the hurt and new love has found me! I couldn't ask for more! 😢 There's one thing I can't let go of: I want the "past" to apologize to me for the shyt he did and I want him to tell me that he realizes he 'effed' up. Please tell me I'm gonna get that, Ms. Raven. Once I get that I know I'll be able to seal that coffin for good. That's all I want. In the meantime, I'm just loving up on my new man and opening up to let him love up on me. I'll let you know when the wedding date is set! You're the BEST, girl! 💕

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