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  1. mrsdr3797 says

    Thank you for continuing to gift us with your readings during this time, sending healing thoughts to your partner's mother x

  2. whyme6911 says

    Love the water!

  3. AMANDA Storey says

    Thank you Michele 💜 sending lots of love to your partners mum ❤🙏

  4. MissMichSan says

    Hi Michelle thank you for our reading sending healing prayers for your Mom and family.

  5. Timothy Moore says

    I hope your mother feels better soon. Thanks for taking the time to deliver such an inspiring message!

  6. Janet LaFrance says

    Your lips to the Universe's ears…healing wishes your way.

  7. Elizabeth Stark says

    I hope your Partner’s Mom is ok.

  8. shnawdude03 says

    Always impressed with your video and audio production value. 😉
    It has emotional content.

  9. Maggie Jenkins says

    Excellent forecast as always thank Michele.

  10. Moira Goldsmith says

    Thanks… Love and healing vibes to 'Mum'. 💕

  11. gypsy witch says

    Bless You for having the dedication to still do your readings Michele …. Sending Good Vibes and Healing Love xxxx

  12. Nicola McFall says

    Hope your partner's mother is feeling better soon. x

  13. Teresa White says

    Bless you prayers for family

  14. Nero Mondragon says

    Really! Free wow!

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