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  1. Derricaaa says

    I see no lies here…

  2. Amanda Rain says

    fire sign lied and deceived me I just found out he was getting married a couple weeks after being with me he lied about everything, someone I thought I knew for 40 years , now that I have all the facts , he deliberately hurt me. I guess him getting married is my justice his karma is being married to the poor woman he has never been faithful to. I avoided a disaster . I am also waiting on the outcome of a court case 2018 and the start of 2019 was just a world of pain for me … but I am moving forward

  3. whyme6911 says

    Great Reading thank you

  4. Lesa M. Colvin says

    Thank God !!!

  5. AnthonyBigBangTV says

    Thank you Jesus

  6. Lotus Love says

    You are the SHIT, Sis! ⚡🔮
    The empress is my narcissistic, Pisces BD… stalking me while in a toxic relationship with a Sag. Legalites full of false accusations and deceptive play. It's strengthened my intuition/discernment and spiritual power. I kept every sword that I was stabbed with. Feeling unfuckwittable. Playing the waiting game at this point. Met a Cap who played guardian, but left because my intuition told me something wasn't right. Attracting hella suitors and business is blossoming. 2018 and narcissistic abuse turned me into a FORCE.

    Surgery on my foot a few years ago. It's been bothering me lately. I read tarot too, and you still always blow me away.
    My channel, NatAndGrace Revelations
    Love. 💛

  7. AnthonyBigBangTV says

    I will always choose love

  8. Te Waimaria Williams says

    Sent Star 555 Thank you, you are on target love. I am applying for a new job at a drug and alcohol rehab. I am hoping that I will get a job there. I am walking away from my job because my passion is to help people with alcohol addictions. I am a recovering alcoholic of 9 years. Thank you so much xoxo

  9. Rasheeda Thomas says

    Sylvia is My best friend from Child Good, she uped and Move to Florida with her Man and is nolonger My instagram Friend.I dont known What happened

  10. mia Williams says

    you are so right. I have kinda let go of this Aquarius.i do believe he is a narcissist and very possibly a player . we met on line and we live in Different states. we are still talking but I have changed in a way .God has changed me in regards to this connection. everything you said in this reading was true.thank you so much.you are Blessed. This Aquarius doesn't seem to want to let go.i think he knows I'm on to him and I'm sure he feels and see,s the change in me.😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

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