12 thoughts on “How X Ray Mammography Is Accelerating The Epidemic Of Cancer | Wonderdir Health

  1. Wow here goes another mind blowing segment shalom my Hebrew Israelites brothers and sisters may yah bless all his chosen people πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ

  2. Yeah doctors are always trying to get me to get a mammogram which I never do I always psych them out like I am and never ever do, I am not going out like that, NOPE !!!

  3. When I had my first mammogram, I vividly remember telling a friend of mine, if you don’t have cancer before getting mammograms, you will after. At that that time, I was only talking about how they flatten your breast out.

    I got a mammogram for like 2 more years and after that, I was done. Then a couple of years after it started slowly coming out that they do cause cancer. I think it’s like one mammogram is the equivalent to 100 X-rays.

    I work with a woman who got her mammogram every year for several years, about two years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She never had it all the prior years then suddenly, she had it.

  4. I got a letter in the mail last year stating that it was time for me to get a mammogram. I called my doctor and ask my doctor about it they proceeded to tell me that they didn't even send me no letter about a mammogram! So I know what you are saying is true, they proceeded to tell me I wouldn't even have to get one until I was 50! These clinics are getting patient information somehow…

  5. I read a book called the truth about cancer and he is right. If you do have breast cancer the mammogram smash the cells open hense spreading throughout the blood stream. Cancer is a money making business. I told my friend whose husband had colon cancer and I told her don't let him get chemo and told her about Dr sebi diet (before I knew Dr wellness) but she didn't listen and he died 2 months later. The right foods are medicine.

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