6 thoughts on “Olivia Newton-John Speaks Out About Using The Sacred Plant for Cancer | Wonderdir Health

  1. That was an impressive interview with a world class entertainer. I admire her greatly for having the courage to share her experiences! This interview contributes an incredible amount of credibility to the cause of legalizing medical cannabis worldwide!

  2. More great ammo for our fight…thank you….we also need to share our results with our GP to let them know the benefits…I went in for knee injections due to loss of cartalidge. My blood pressure was through the roof due to returning to the amazing western diet {S A D] …..it was 187/111 and then again 184 / 110. I knew I needed to change my diet and needed some immediate reduction to help lower the chances of stroke or heart attack. I ordered a blood pressure machine and for the first two days the pressure was still above 180. Amazingly a pure indica oil lowered it 15 points two different times. The sativa seemed to actually higher it for me. I e-mailed my doctor as he wanted to immediately give me beta blockers which have unacceptable side affects and do nothing to address the cause, which diet and exercise can resolve. He was very interested and almost couldn't believe the results. So we have a responsibility no matter how it is recieved to share our story. Like anything else when heard from enough reliable sources it will become believable. We are fortunate to have social media while it is still open to share the truth, cause someday that will be regulated also even more. God bless all of you fighting the good fight. I have just started my blood pressure adventure and will maintain results and share with The Sacred Plant community as things progress…

  3. This is a truly great interview. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you know when it was filmed? I'm guessing around April of last year, because John references the Australian announcement about legalising cannabis, saying it was a week earlier.

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