2 thoughts on “CANCER MID JAN 2019 YOU AND YOUR PERSON | Wonderdir Health

  1. Thanks for this reading. This person is at a distance. They’re the devil card astrological sign. Heavy fire Aries energy in their chart. Definitely strong soulmate connection.
    The thing is I don’t trust them :(, I don’t trust anyone anymore. There’s the distance factor, and secrets. It feels sort of unrequited. I feel there’s more to this person that’s left hidden. But definitely I see myself forming a family w this person. Totally love them. Have felt strongly about them for some time.

  2. I am interested in finding out about Sharmin Dismemberment if you have any information. I'm so ready to work on myself. Anything will do please ❤…. thank you for this reading. Resonated with me deeply ❤

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