20 thoughts on “Cancer ♥️ Reading Jan 15-31st – Fake Love To Me, Straight Up To My Face | Wonderdir Health

  1. Yup. It was another Cancer. And he was such a phony. Probably IS talking shit about me… to people who I never even met. How convenient. I did find out about a 3rd party and he got scared and ghosted. But I'm sure he tried tracking me down since then…. but can't. You can't find me anywhere on social media, phone number is changed, etc. He never even knew where I lived… thankfully. 👌🏡🙌
    YES, nothing was real. NONE of it. I can just FEEL it deep down inside that he is feeling SO DUMB. So even tho HE ghosted/walked away… I feel like in the end, I walked away.

  2. I pray with all my heart that my cancerian daughter runs from the cancerian man her psychologist told us is a narcissistic sexual psychopath predator and potential threat to the baby 🙏
    She is going through constant relentless narcissistic Hoovering and love be bombing… she is finding it hard to see through this hoovering. She wants to believe him… I pray that an event will come to light and show her all his evil and deception that he is concealing from her in a way that nobody gets harmed but her eyes get opened. 🙏

  3. We are all concerned this man is going to continue to abuse her and he maliciously damaged her house out of jealous rage thay she escaped the house her house that she paid for and he was abusing her in and trying to steal. I PRAY he gets caught for all his evil behavior that he's done to her 🙏

  4. He is a narcissistic psychopath and the sign above the magicians head and in the card is the tattoo he put on her neck and to mark her as HIS possession for all eternity, she just got more of his narcissistic hoovering when he sent her s necklace with that symbol at Christmas to make her drop her stance on NO CONTACT! He is a manipulative sexual predator and narc

  5. PLEASE universe, PROVE to my daughter that he is a complete and utter smoke and mirrors deceiver!!! And that she was in love with an illusion… and then give her the strength and clarity and courage to rebuild a new life independently and proudly! And send her new better opportunities and people🙏

  6. You are f**** hilarious oh my God I have busted a motherfuking stitch you are so , on point! girl walk the walk and talk the talk my intuition let a sista know alone a long time ago but ,I being a cancer wanted to give the mofo of the benefit of doubt and gave a dog a some stake with the fixings.
    Fuck Boy 4 REAL m
    Mask wearing Fallen Angel individual.

  7. OG….. Triple OG….. Im telling you the revelations came with that full moon in cancer we had. I was getting all types of psychic hits and it just havent been the same since. When I questioned him he told me I was insecure…. biiiih please. Bur anyway. Thanx for the read. I appreciate u ma ❤

  8. Nope I was the cancer in this nasty ass third party that nigga was a libra and he got discovered cuz he’s fake and phony but the people he hangs out with don’t even like him their not even his friends and I see y lol he ain’t shittttttt I wish I could tell you the story cuz this shit real Lipton fo yo ass lls girlllllaaaa he was the worst

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