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  3. Didn't Ubi say they are going to rework lion?
    I think that they should make his gadget have a certain range. So, first of all his scan will no longer scan the entire map but only scan a certain distance of whatever floor lion is at. An example would be on bank if lion is on the main floor of bank his scan would only work on the same floor he is currently at and if the obj is in basement then no one on the basement floor would be affected. For his range it would be a circle where lion is always in the center of, but this is the more tricky part to balance since Ubi would have to find the sweet spot where he isn't useless but where the scan would not affect the entire floor. Also, once the scan is activated the circle of the range will stay static and will not change as lion moves during the scan. If the defenders are in the range of the scan then the lion scan would work like it does now and have the indicator in the center and have the screen shake and have the voice announce the scan. If the defenders are not in the range or on different floors than the indicator becomes smaller and moves to the side of the screen, it is also grayed out and never yellow to show the defenders that scan is being activated but that they are not in the range of it. Also, there would be a lot less screen shake if the defenders are not in the range of the scan. I think this would make lion use his scans more wisely and have to be with his team to make in impacted for that round.

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