30 thoughts on “Cancer Love Tarot Reading thru January 31, 2019 REMAIN POSITIVE, GOOD LUCK IS COMING❤❤ | Wonderdir Health

  1. How does one know if they are feeling their own energy or someone else's? Sometimes I really think I am going crazy. When I feel like I am taking on his (sad) energy, he tells me he's doing great, healed, isn't sad at all…

  2. I have a naughty mind (creative)lol. Cross watching Cancer soul mate. I'm Virgo sun Rising Pisces. We seen each other the first time in 11 years very emotional and beautiful the 4th of January

  3. This really made me feel good. i was really getting frustrated, anxious. because i felt like i wasn't good enough for her. i'm dealing with Capricorn. i have waited, gave my all for the last 4 months. so i will take your advice i will keep myself positive and calm down. It's my first time experiencing this type of relationship and i never felt like for someone like this before. so oh yea it has been a quite journey

  4. So so hard to stay positive and not over think. Up and down constantly. Thank you for your readings and your calm hopeful deliveries. Brings me to tears because it helps more than you know. Love and light xx ❤️

  5. This reading so resonates for me. And i havent been out the house in over 3 wks due to illness….which has created the space i needed to focus on intentions and faith. Will check out your protection video. Also have a Pisces, across the ocean, diff communication at times. Grateful for you. 💖

  6. Annette…..so many things you said hit the nail on the head…..my Twin/Divine Male and I haven’t talked since Boxing Day and I miss him but knew this time apart had to happen so HE could go through his awakening…..there’s a girl (21 years younger than him) that definitely could’ve been sending us some bad mojo cause it seems she doesn’t want him but she doesn’t want him to move past her!!!!
    I would LOVE a private reading with you.
    I LOVE your sense of humour and beautiful heart…..let me know how to connect with you. 💜

  7. The moment I met him, I knew him….we held hands the first time we met…..we said “I love you” the first few hours together…..he says he’s not ready because he has to find himself again after some very traumatic years….it’s so hard being apart but I’m positive and loving my fantastic life but it would be so much more delicious if we were together and building a life together. Uggghhh.

  8. Yes, When we come from a place of Pure Light, We are Protected.
    Psychological warfare is real. I surround Myself with Lightbeings.
    Know that You are Protected. Believe. Great reading Annette. Peace ; )'
    My Life Path number is also 6. I have been stressed. Calming! Calming! Healing!
    Thank You again. Sending you Healing Energy!

  9. Wow. Someone using dark magic against us, jealous and not wanting my beautiful Cancer to have success. Likely. Up in our heads, undue worry and stress, yep. But our destined past life connection that will overcome the doubt and finally give us a new beginning. I've been doing everything I can to manifest it. Yes, I will take care of her in every way. I adore her like you cannot imagine. She can't give up, protect herself against dark forces. I especially like that ALL the planets are in their house for the first time since the Renaissance. Were we together ten too? This true love is timeless. The time is now. Good, because we've already been apart for half our lives. All things are possible with this love. I'll try to be the best, but I know that no one has or would ever be as devoted to loving her as me.

  10. Everything keeps resonating and it's really leaving me with a bigger I don't know as well as to if to take it or not. Hopes for it and yet at the same time, I rather he just continue killing my heart and old hopes for love. And if my own feels of it, is it like just me and my overly imaginative mind and hopes. T_T

  11. Oh. My. Dear. God. I love you. I’m at 25:36 and I had to push pause. I’m a 4 planet Virgo Aries rising. (I believe) my TF DM is a cancer. And I found you over Christmas because my roommates car kept honking. And honking for no reason. Like sometimes 4-5 times ina row. A brand new car. Lol. I should send you the videos. Anywho, I typed it in to YT and found your reading about Gabriel honking the horn!!! You said “archangel Gabriel is honking the horn of the chariot telling you to get in!! Lol. 🎺 i have been heavily researching Angels and especially archangel Gabriel bc of you and ur beautiful reading. 🙏🏼 I’ve also gotten back in touch with my church peeps and just thank you! I can’t wait to listen to the rest. And may need a private. 👼🏼

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