One thought on “Cancer Mid-January 2019 Love Update: Good News From a Soul Mate? | Wonderdir Health

  1. I was told to fallback and let nature take its course. I done had my share of hurt and deceptions betrayals and I forgive it. The Lord said so and I know I fear Allah-God so he helped me change my ways up and remain humble and patient no grudges either it just taught me well of sticking my hands in a cookie jar and getting bit my snakes or turning my back and getting stabbed and boomerang arrows in it because of my straight forward don't back down type of ways. Heart of a lion slash eagle sight vision of a owl. I pulled out all the knives and arrows collected all the rocks got up dust it off and continue to move forward as a lesson from God but karma catches up to everyone no matter big or small you get back what you put in and that's real….

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