7 thoughts on “When you have stage IV cancer, the shutdown is about more than a missed paycheck | Wonderdir Health

  1. This would never happen in Australia. NO matter your income Everyone is protected and fully covered by Medicare. America needs universal healthcare like the rest of the developed world. We live stress free when it comes to being covered. We are taxed one lump sum yrly which covers yourself and family and also those who cannot afford it. (If you were earning $50,000/year, then $1,000 of your taxable income would go towards financing Medicare). That's it! One lump sum. You still have the option for personal health insurance for other medical needs like private hospital care etc. BUT!! How can you watch this and still believe America is the land of the free??….Its a lie. Its the land only for the rich. The fact she was refused Chemo is disgusting and shocking to me. Shameful.

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