10 thoughts on “Cancer/Leo Full Blood Wolf Super Moon & Eclipse 🌑🌕 Jan 2019 (TAROT READ) | Wonderdir Health

  1. My dad is in the process of dying and i have told myself and everyone birth is pain full just as the process of dying is. He is birthing himself into spirit. Makes the circle of life so much easier to accept and process!

  2. Again! An Amazing reading! The ending is very valuable to many. Healing ourselves is totally a process and oftentimes painful. But, we grow and find our authentic self. Thank you💣

  3. Whats really wierd is that I am also a Cancer/Leo cusp born and born the first day of Leo. My person is all Leo. I've been working on this for three years now, so how does the 1 year your speaking of factor into my personal situation? I am a twinflame soulmate and so is my masculine.

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