38 thoughts on “Cancer 1/10-1/17/19-Figuring Out Your New Life/Exes Coming Back For The Ring! | Wonderdir Health

  1. I was in a relationship with a Cancer that just ended a couple weeks back. He's living or wanting to live a double life with me and his ex wife who he divorced after only 6 months of marriage, but he's still hooked on her 4 years later. His ex and I are both Sagittarius.

  2. ResonatedπŸ’• stopped my 2 month relationship with my Cancer boyfriend because my intuition was telling me he wasn’t the one. Was definitely on cloud 9 at first!! The connection was great!! And yes that’s exactly what i told him, i out of nowhere had a download recently & needed to stop the relationship & get back to being focused on my goals & career. Plus he’s 20 & I’m 26. We’re just on 2 different levels. Funny we’re both Cancers with the same birthday. Thought he was my soulmate at first but i guess he isn’t

  3. I just got out of a relationship with a capciron 6 years. Now so many offers. Man im like wow how free i feel. Its great got a new job. And dating feels good. Yes your right.. Love the reading

  4. yes! I'm the cancer him Aquarius yes I know not the best match but love him to death!! he left 2 weeks ago I was heartbroken not on good terms
    He called yesterday asked for forgiveness!! drove 2 hours to pick him up.. now im watching him sleep thinking how I never thought this would happen !!!

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