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  1. Thank you so much. Am a ♋ Cancer, offered a reconciliation and apologies with my ex ♒ Aquarius but she said NO. She broke up with me two months over now via WhatsApp and blocked me from all social media plus the phone. She said I am free and ask me to find a new partner. Both of us are woman, I am 51 & she 26. We met online , she made the first move. Relationship has been for a year & has been like a rollercoaster..very fast..lots of ups & downs & most of the time, with me given in to her. I am her first lesbian relationship & before me she broke up with her boyfriend. She doesn't talk much about what had happened. First quarter of the year was lovely & sweet plus unsureness from her side & her not letting me in or know about her life much etc…but I truely believed that she is my soulmate & I stayed in the relationship because I thought it was worth holding on to. But the longer I stayed in the relationship, I could see her true colours, my ♒ now ex gf. So, now I have the hardest decision to let her go because she said she doesn't love me anymore. Both of us were faithful to each other. No 3rd party situation & both of us are having heartbreak because of this break up. She asked me to stay away from her & give her time to heal her wounds without me around her. She doesn't want to see me anymore & she blamed & accused me of ruining her life & doesn't want me around anymore to ruin her life some more.

  2. U on point Sista I will be burning paper with his name … I'm in a relationship with cap currently expecting twins with new bf wish full field ment I believe your right karma is catching up with him he's caught criminal charges so he's looking at. Prison time I have 3kids with this narras Aquarius it's something really wrong with him … He's about to get everything that's coming to him and I could care less.. I'm just ready for the state to put his ass away I wish he would stop watching me

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