One thought on “CANCER ♋️ LOVE ❤️ JAN 14-20 2019 SUDDEN DESTINED TURN AROUND!🌹 | Wonderdir Health

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    – People using inappropriate language will be blocked/reported
    – People being rude to me or others in the comment section will be blocked/reported.
    – People trying to tell me how to read or do my videos will be blocked/reported. (I am the reader and this is my reading – not yours). If you are a reader you know exactly what I mean…. If you are not, you have no business “teaching” me!
    – People spamming my comment sections with endless comments venting by using profanities will be blocked/reported. No exceptions!
    – People attacking/harassing others will be blocked/reported.
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    – People complaining about length of the video intro will be blocked/reported. (I don’t care about your lack of patience or respect. Relationships require patience. If you cannot be bothered, why should I be? These are not for me. If you cannot respect the time I put in them every single week in order to help YOU, you are more than welcome to go and watch someone else who probably does not care if you get something or not…. or why should you).

    BEVARE – No exceptions whatsoever! There will be ZERO further warning!


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