Occult Expert Breaks Down the Science of MIND CONTROL Methodology, Satanic Ritual Abuse Part 1 | Wonderdir

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Satanic Ritual Abuse – today on Edge of Wonder we lift the veil on a hidden topic that no one dares to talk about. Our special guest for today is Justin Deschamps, an expert of the occult especially on #SatanicRitualAbuse a.k.a. #SRA, what it is, what it does to people, and how it’s spread outside of the #13_family_bloodlines.

We also talk about real treatments that you won’t find at any hospitals. But be warned, this series may not be for the faint of heart.

But if you’re ready to go dark and deep with us, here’s another mind blowing episode on the Edge of Wonder!

About us: At the Edge of Wonder we believe there is more to this world than meets the eye. We want to take you on an adventure to the edge of human body, life and the universe discovering wonders and fascinating phenomena that science won’t acknowledge.

[1:42] – [I] What is Satanic Ritual Abuse and how is it spread to the people?
[3:46] – [II] Does SRA happen to people outside the 13 families?
[6:48] – [III] What does SRA do to people?
[11:36] – [IV] What are the short and long term effects of this (SRA)?
[16:50] – [V] Where can people go to research the truth about SRA?
[29:30] – [VI] Tell us about yourself
[39:29] – [VII] Last words on SRA…
[41:37] – [VIII] What is your motivation and philosophy in life? [41:37]

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– Ben & Rob

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49 thoughts on “Occult Expert Breaks Down the Science of MIND CONTROL Methodology, Satanic Ritual Abuse Part 1 | Wonderdir

  1. Research Ted Gunderson. Retired FBI agent who invetigated a CA SRA case re a preschool. He collected over a 1,000 pages of evidence. Now deceased. His plane blew up in mid air.
    F*I complicit.

  2. Another GREAT video guys…..THNX……Hey, could you guys do an in-depth investigation into the 5G wireless technology that's starting to be constructed in America?…..ALOT of pple, including me, are concerned about the adverse effects of this microwave tech……Thnx for all that you both do for everyone that has the sense to wonder!!

  3. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. And are doing the impossible and yet absolutely needed task that an entertainment/edutainment journalistic TV show should be doing about what's really going on on this planet, in the deep state, in the shadow government, via the global luciferian ruling elite spiderweb of SRA (satanic ritual abuse) controlled people. AWESOME WORK! That's why I support you guys with the monthly donation! 🙏💙😃🦋🌹 ALSO VERY GOOD: 🌹🌹🌹"Kristy Allen ~ MK Ultra, SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating) – by International Tribunal for Natural Justice YouTube Channel" – I spread your word here:

  4. I really need to start doing work searching,collecting information and bringing it out to the people here in my country. Im kind of lazy. But thank you so much for the inspiration guys

  5. Great interview! There is a vast difference between TRUTH and Philosophy. Truth can only be known through personal experiences and the other side of that Wisdom is born. Philosophy is only conjecture or better said, a path that leads to personal Truth. Love to listen to your discussions.

  6. I can see why you didn't provide any sources, research or evidence to support your claims – spoiler: there are none. All you did was cite the insane fever dreams of Springmeier, a KNOWN fraud, paranoid conspiracy theorist, nut job & felon.
    There is no data supporting this nonsense, just a few rogue psychos peddling themselves as the ultimate victims for financial gain (just like you with your 10 midroll ads) with nothing to back up their claims other than "memories" that resurfaced during HYPNOSIS administered by some quack with an agenda.
    Your laughable "expert" also has no idea what he's talking about. He even refers to DID as "borderline" at one point.
    I can see why his soggy armpits were drenched with sweat, must be exhausting repeating all these lies, delusions & conspiracy theories knowing your arguments don't have a leg to stand on. That would make anyone nervous.

  7. So, quick flashback while watching… "blanket training" a christian ( Baptist and non denominational) endorsed parenting "style"… heart wrenching as an observer. Basically you put a mobile (crawling or scooting) baby on a blanket and add outside stimuli, like toys, siblings, bottle, even a parent calling for them outside the banket area, as soon as the baby leaves the blanket the child is spanked with a wooden spoon or ruler on hands or thigh and put back on blanket and repeat cycle… I also took a christian parenting class while pregnant over 23 years ago, and every fiber of my being told me it was at the very least borderline abuse and never made the last 2 classes. Gotta look up name of the author/ "parenting expert" to refresh my memory but extended periods of time alone, The Ferber Method on steroids is what I remember. Very similar tactics of mind control for both baby and mother. Am I'm seeing a correlation or just reaching??

  8. Hey what's that stuff you put on the dog? Clif High (INTERVIEW HIM!!! He's a legend (Webbot) and major knowledgeable WooWoo guy) and he talked about this creme as well (from Australia for skin cancer) etc? What was the name? thanks guys

  9. Thanks for the information, it makes sence when you leave your nonsensical beliefs, negative opinions and judgments and check in consciously💜 we need to untangle from the infinite web of harmful belief systems influences and suggestions. Let's all start asking questions again and not taking No or any BS for an answer💙

  10. Glad I found this site.. you have really answered a lot of questions I had..I don't feel so much alone now.. I know there are others out there like me.. Thanks to you guys… Great job and Thank you.. I was given the gift of discernment.. it's hard.. thanks for the help.

  11. Very good video. You guys are going to grow very fast by addressing the general public and coming off as compassionate curious people not covered in crystals and all that. Please make a video on channeling if you're interested. Physical contact with Arcturians and channeling really changed my life. Blessings.

  12. Love your guys stuff! Gonna interject on Sabrina tho. I was all for seeing the hidden agenda behind it, but after watching it, I kinda found its material to be very superficial and pedestrian. Especially considering the statue and symbology of baphomet is so prevalent in the show and is insinuated as ancient when the image and concept is actually relatively new. And the church of Satan got pissed that the shows statue “ripped off” their statue lol! I WISH that there was something more sinister but I just don’t see it. I feel like it’s an amalgam of pop-culture witch lore rather than something insidious. I think the dr strange movie had more occult symbolism

  13. I watched the first season of Sabrina also and they are most definitely cleverly normalizing it, the show itself would be an interesting good vs evil kind of thing,with sabrina being a "good witch" who fights the evil sort of like charmed is presented, Charmed being a show that normalizes witches and puts them in a good light, even has angels, and "white lighters" who help them as they battle demons…but therein lies the seduction which is the most effective method of normalizing…
    yes, seeing that baphoment statue with includes the two little children fixed in time i looking up with love at the demon is highly disturbing and it is repeatedly shown in the show… as are all the "hail satan" "praise satan" "thank the dark lord" garbage that is basically substituting Satan for God in the same every day praise God way it is commonly used in Christianity . they also get Sabrina to sign their book of the dead thing by the end via traumatizing her. She is portrayed as a sympathetic "good" person. There is cannibalism in the show and human sacrifice also…not harmless programming
    Another disturbing fact is that it is on Netflix so parents who don't police their kids' internet use wouldn't easily know their kids were watching it or be able to see the show exists via ads n the TV guides to block the show like you can on a tv. If they did see the thumbnail ad on Netflix for it, likely they would relate that back to the comedy show Sabrina that was on TV during their generation's day.

  14. This was a great bundle of information, I just wished the guy would have shared this cure for cancer ?

    If things keep going downhill at this speed I fear many of us are going to need it.

  15. Great content guys. Same thoughts here we are all working for the same end goal. We all need to stop debunking each others theorys and working together to find the truth in life. Because the same constant i have seen is that noone has nailed down whats wrong, but we all know something is off in these days. We should all come together and find out how we can fix life. Always on the edge-wondering!

  16. You guys should do an episode on the New Sabrina show. I honestly think you could really open up peoples eyes to the symbolism that they are trying demonetize. That show was too much, and whenever I bring it up to people they always just say “oh well that’s probably what is selling right now” or the witchy community has just said “I think it’s great we’re getting a show!” But yet overlook all of the mid representations of their own belief system. To me that is just such a big deal and I’ve wanted to see a big platform discuss it in more detail.

  17. I testified under oath that Dirty Dr. J. Michael Powers hypnotized me during an IME exam. He is a neurologist in AZ and is or was President of the board of directors of Bird Technology (the RF experts is what they call themselves). His wife is the daughter of the founder. Bird Technology owns Xcom systems which makes a product called WARP (wydbeam acquisition record and playback) . The ad put out by Xcom systems (exhibit in his deposition) shows what I recognize as illuminati symbolism.

  18. I really wish you would have said yes to taking a quantum jump. Of the over 100 invitations only few YouTubers agreed to jump with us on the ride into time. Mandela overload due to untech men jumping. Quantum at 0 on slide in becomes unstable jump out over 50 below so there are risks. Really wish you had said yes! We kept everyone safe. Of all invites you two most level headed would have really helped disclosure. Damn wish you'd said yes.

  19. Excellent commentary. When I first began my trip down the rabbit hole, one of my questions was: How can the Cabal families ensure that their bloodline offspring carry on with their plans that cause such vast human suffering? That’s when I began to learn of their occult histories and I learned about the ritual abuse of their own family members. I have to argue that the “13 families” are much larger than 13. Or, they have at least drastically expanded the family tree. My argument for this is the ritual that takes place at Bohemian Grove. Hundreds of evil-worshippers show up there every summer to take part in the, “Cremation of Care,” ritual. I am assuming that the cremation of care is simply reinforcement of the need for the, “elites,” to have no emotion in ordering or being responsible for vast human suffering.

  20. my theory on the mandella effect as a christian and a guy who saw a real ufo and filmed them for 2 years in thermal at the ufo hunter. the antichrist is alive and coming into power as the world begins to globalize, this is satan's way of messing with people minds, taking away their attention from our lord jesus christ. im not saying rather there is something to this or not, but i do remember multiple moon landings, being 59 i was a kid, i do not remember how many, but not just one. get your minds on your lord and savior jesus christ and do not worry about the devil messing with your mind. he is a liar and will do anything to take your attention away from god, and worrying more about worldly things like the mandela effect. i turned my back on my youtube channel where i filmed 1000's of ufos flying over my house just for that reason. its really not important, only jesus and your families are. the ufos and the aliens will be satans excuse where are the christians go after the rapture, the aliens took us, the great deception. just like the mandela effect, rather its real or not, its not important and it keeps your minds away from god. either way something changing ,which might be real, does not effect your life like going to hell for a eternity will. god bless and good channel joey franko the x ufo hunter channel give your lifes to jesus, make me your friend at joey franko on facebook and i will help you anyway i can to find jesus christ our lord and savior

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