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Stephen A. Smith places blame on Golden State Warriors SF Kevin Durant for the team’s losing streak, adding that even though he thinks KD is one of the greatest players on the planet earth, he has to step up and lead if he wants to be successful.

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42 thoughts on “Why Kevin Durant deserves blame for Warriors’ losing streak | First Take | Wonderdir

  1. Stephen A. is right on the money, without Steph' Curry, GSW should not suck so badly.

    Truth is, they're both right, in a way. GSW's real secret weapon is their team work .. and without Steph' as the heart and soul leader, and Draymond as the personality to get them going, the Warriors are just another NBA team.

  2. One week y'all saying KD is THE best player in the warriors…next week y'all blaming him. To me, he never deserved the last years finals mvp in the first place, i'm no warriors fan but anyone who knows basketball can see the thunderous impact steph has on the court. KD is a great score(one of the greatest actually) but when it comes to winning him and leBron needs a hand from the real OGs like Curry and Wade.

  3. max a fool. of course having steph on that team makes them god like however, KD and the rest of that team should still be getting things done. the point is that if GS loses one of their stars they become a beatable team and because they have road the coat tails of being stacked for so long i dont think they will ever be the same if one of those guys leaves.

  4. It’s simple , the golden state system is built around steph and his ability to space the floor, and move the ball, so you can’t blame KD cause when stephs out they just ask him and Klay to iso all game, of course the numbers gon drop dummys

  5. Draymond should be traded. He is not worth a supermax. By the time his contract comes up for renewal, he will be 30 so trade him to Toronto for Siakam and Valančiūnas. GSW will save a bucket in luxury tax and keep KD happy and get more depth.

  6. People forget that The GSW system was designed for Curry. KD is not going to have the same impact because GSW's team is not designed for KD. Curry is the PG who brings the ball up and makes plays for everyone. KD is a weapon on the wing, similar to Klay Thompson only way better. KD strength isnt playmaking its scoring.

  7. They lost not because curry was on the bench, but because they could not get along with each other on the team and felt disrespected and were told they were not needed and to go home and they were a B in front of the whole nation and the hurt feeling were too strong, and they were also told if they complained and stood up to that crap than they were too soft, and they were suspended and still dont think they did anything wrong because they were allowed to threaten the coaches life in the past and get away with it.

    It took them about a week to get over it.

    Curry can stay on the bench now.

    They lost against Milwaukee with him.

  8. People always saying over all KD way better then steph. But consider that the warriors went to 2 finals and won 1 (the loss came down to final seconds, and i believe draymond got suspended for a few games) without KD.The thunder were pretty great for a while , esp when james harden was there(which when u think about it gave them just about as much talent as warriors.). Thunder loose finals they went to, then loose to the warriors conference finals. KD goes to warriors. With the 2 together, every time Stephs out they be loosing. KD out, Steph steps way up and they keep winning. Point is, consider their records without each other on the same team or when ones injured. Steph's been a much more frequent winner and better in the clutch with the team on his shoulders, KD, once n a while (more so with the Thunder obv, more shots to be taken, and he was go to always on offense, when Westbrook wasn't hoggin the game,) but usually not. Kd is incredible, but im always takin Steph. People think about height to much when they make these kinds of calls. It can def be a HUGE advantage but not always. And its not always the most important, esp with Stephs skill set.

  9. Really though? Max is still gonna blame Curry even if he’s not playing. That’s fucking ridiculous. We’re talking about the warriors W I T H O U T Steph, and the fact that Durant can’t be trusted to lead the team or at the very least keep their shit together enough not to lose in double digits in their home court.

  10. now they act like they don´t wanna have KD on their team. but wait if they see lebron in the playoffs. then they will prauise him again and be thankful to have somebody who can match lebron in 1on1.

  11. basketball is a team sport. when one your top players and leaders (curry) is out, it affects the continuity and chemistry on the team naturally. < fact. also, when a player like draymond green bleeds his insecurities on the court and the bench due to his feels being out of control about KD, it adds to the disruption of continuity and chemistry on the team. < fact. adversity is a part of life and nobody and no team no matter how great they are is exempt. ego will be the disrupter of this team and everyone knows draymond green has the largest out of control ego on the team. the media will also add to the disruption of this team with all the propaganda, opinions. Hopefully the players don't feed into the medias propaganda and agenda to focus on the negative instead of a more balanced perspective.

  12. The Golden State Warriors will win their 3rd straight Ring this year and guess who will be the Finals MVP again? Kevin Durant. The same guy who dragged Lebron James all over the court in the NBA Finals for 2 years straight.

  13. apparently everyone has totally forgotten when Curry was not playing in the early round of the playoffs and the Warriors were still winning. My point is that this is much deeper than Curry being absent. The ego and feels has officially reared its ugly head with this team. It was only a matter of time. It is their greatest challenge as a team. The warriors will overcome this adversity and win the 3peat this year with KD as the Finals MVP………again.

  14. HOW THE FUCK DOES STEPHEN A.SSHOLE SMITH KNOW THAT KD IS THINKING ABOUT LEAVING ??? Did KD tell him that ?? Why is this COON coming on TV speaking about what's in another man's mind ?? How the fkk does he know what KD is thinking ?? I am so tired of this COON. Smh 😒

  15. 1. Warriors could have won without Durant.
    2. Kevin Durant sound have never tried to assert himself and beat his chest in KC… He made the right decision to leave because it should have been Westbrook to change to make the team better… And he wouldn't. It's a team… Westbrook always drags them down to a glass ceiling of one on one basketball.

  16. Again curry takes a hit because he is small and that is it. If curry was lbj size nobody would win until he retired. He would be Jordan on steroids. Curry is the mvp an balls out in playoffs just check #'s almost a triple dub.

  17. Y’all niggas sound stupid as fuck smh. How the fuck is Steph better than KD lol? Are y’all fuckin nuts? If KD wasn’t playing they would be losing, if a system is in place then anyone who leaves the system then it changes everything. They play 2 different positions so it’s not so much the player it’s the position in which they’re missing a piece. KD is best in the league on defense and offense, so unless you better than him on defense and offense then you not better than him you dumb fucks! You can have off nights, ask Lebron non free throw shooting ass

  18. FF to around 1:05 or 1:06ish…STUCK for about 10 seconds!!!!!!!FADED!!!!!!!! STEPHEN A LAY OFF DA WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDAH!!!!! I mean I know its legal everywhere now bro, but you still gotta maintain stability on National TV. I mean I now question whether I agree with your opinion on KD being a lot to blame for the losing streak. Maybe the Warriors just decided to go through your dealer for once and got some laced shit? Not cool Stevie boy. Keep my boys outta your faulty supply. Maybe you got ESPN on knee pads for your slip ups, but we can't exactly tell the rest of the NBA to suck ours just because we decided to get laced baked off your shit. Don't gimmem no bammer weed, we don't smoke that shit in the SFC!


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