Trump WH Rattled By Rare Rebuke From Chief Justice John Roberts | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC | Wonderdir

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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, a life-long federalist society conservative rebuts President Trump in an unusual move, after Trump claimed that certain judges were “Obama Judges”. Ari Melber breaks down how Supreme Court Justices speak carefully and don’t pick political fights, but Justice Roberts drew a line to defend the independence of the courts against those who would corrode the system and turn it into something more authoritarian.
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Trump WH Rattled By Rare Rebuke From Chief Justice John Roberts | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

28 thoughts on “Trump WH Rattled By Rare Rebuke From Chief Justice John Roberts | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC | Wonderdir

  1. Penny White, I agree with you! Trump was placed in presidency by Putin and the Saudis. To deconstruct the United States from the inside. He has single-handedly taken down good programs that were a benefit to all of us. The Republicans do not hold him in check. I had always thought that if a president that was incompetent and stupid found his way into office that there would be people to hold him in check and correct him and keep him on course. This unfortunately has not happened. We are seeing an American Hitler. I would not be surprised if Trump acting as the dictator that he is allows himself a permanent stay in the office.

  2. There are two ideas American should not vote against: 1. God. 2. Their own wallet. 1. Socialism replaces God with government. 2. We are all better off economically with President Trump.

  3. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    (((( Independence Judgement )))

    An "Obedient Judge"
    To "God's Commands"

    Do "Not"
    Give "in"

    To the "will"
    Of "leaders"

    Who "exercise"
    The "dictatorship"

    From "upon"
    The "outside"

    Of "The Commands"
    Of "Almighty God"

    For "Almighty God"
    Is "The Final Judge"

    And "every judge"
    That "Aligned"
    Their "Works"

    After "The Showmanship"
    Of "Jesus Christ"

    The "Commands"
    Of "Almighty God"

    Through "The Spirit"
    Of "Truth"

    Are "Not"
    Under the "control"
    Of "men"

    Especially the "president"
    Of "The United States"
    Of "America"

    So "Trump"
    Complain "on"

    It want get you "anywhere"

    The Chief Judge"
    And "The Chief Justice"
    Of "The Supreme Court"

    Done "Speak"
    Through "Judge Roberts"

  4. with the exception of Kavvanaugh…..who perjured himself under oath….several times…behaved very poorly and should not have past the interview…hopefully Dems will impeach and remove him

  5. his demented brain believes everyone is like him: partisan, stupid, ignorant, trying to conceal these traits. AMERICA: YOUR PRESIDENT IS PLAYING WITH YOU.

    he is a rotten American citizen; he may have been born here, but he hates this country; loves anyone that hates this country.

  6. I think they call it Apples & Oranges. There's more in it than just those two. It's tough writing you because I know you're enemy of mine. Because of the Omni Magazine and George Washington you hold me as out of power. I'm one left back here in Darkness because Dwayne Johnson and the Native American groups hate me. The night I talked to the Vegas shooter in a chatroom I also talked to someone claiming to be Dwayne Johnson. He said, I'm going to run. I'm really, really scared. Then the Vegas shooting took place. I think in covering his tracks, they staged the Hawaiian Missal Scare.

  7. Frankenstein you insult trailer park people. Trump attacks the press because they bring us the truth. He is trying to delegitimize the judicial branch of government. Pence will be worse but at this point Trump needs to go one way or the other. We need to throw all our weight behind Pelosi and free thinking republicans.

  8. The next groups to be discredited will be the house and senate. He will then surround the Supreme Court and the Congress with his Army and Marines and surround them with the vigilantes operated by the NRA and his private army, Betsy Devoss's brother head of Black Rock war mongers.

  9. Stop over simplifying. There ARE Republican and Democrat judges. We've watched the parties pursue the influence over social issues and politically bias (including gerrymandering) outcomes by loading benches at local, state and federal levels.

  10. Well MSNBC, Donald Trump "OUR" President is right. Stop being biased and get off of him. I am beyond sick and tired of the biased democratic media jumping all over OUR President for every little thing. He is trying to do his very best to get this country straightened out and to protect us as best as he can. THE BIASED DEMOCRATIC MEDIA and the FAR LEFT DEMOCRATS are doing everything that they possibly can do to interfere with the excellent job that he is doing despite your ignorant interference. LEAVE HIM ALONE!

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