Trump Turns on Allies, Stands by Saudi Arabia: A Closer Look | Wonderdir

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump turning on some of his closest allies while standing by the one that pays him: Saudi Arabia.
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Trump Turns on Allies, Stands by Saudi Arabia: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

29 thoughts on “Trump Turns on Allies, Stands by Saudi Arabia: A Closer Look | Wonderdir

  1. Our land is being stolen by county recorders and corrupt Judges, and now an invasion. Does China think they own California? Is it China taking the land given to them by corrupt judges, Jerry Brown, etc.? The LOANS are paid off by the stock market Investors, its rigged. The deeds of trust are breached because the Investors do not record. This is a land grab. Check your own contracts and title, the land is being stolen. 9th Circuit Court has ignored the fact the land is unsecured, being stolen from Investors and Borrowers by the banking industry by way of corrupt County RECORDERS stealing on their computers.

  2. Can you imagine if Obama used Rachel Maddow for policy direction like this? Repubs would've howled for her arrest and his impeachment. The biggest hypocrits in the world, with no shame or logic. They just want their way, and everybody else can just jump off.


    Yes it is Friday and so those long lines of young men robes up around their waists, on their knees, pants down around their ankles, mouths open and wearing the Kings bejeweled knee pads spill out of the narrow streets and alleys of old Riyadh, blocking traffic…
    As described here:

    The Kingdom in the Closet

    Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there. Why it is “easier to be gay than straight” in a society where everyone, homosexual and otherwise, lives in the closet


  4. but obama murdered Kadaffi u der fake arab spring in order to stop his gold backed currency from competing with the dollar and euro, thus destabilizing the region, causing mass refugess, and destroying AFRICAS ONLY STABLE NATION..u r a fcn ignorant villager with no fcn clue

  5. This is such a stupid unjust show. Everything that is being said here I can PROVE to you that it is slanted and very wrong. The audience for this show is going to drop considerably. I certainly would not listen to such Stupidity…This is Not funny. This is playing Dirty politics…Bye Bye seth…I won’t be waisting my time anymore…

  6. My friends HAVE MORALS!!!Oh my god!!!They must be commUNist, Globalistical ImmigrUNt ExtremistLiberalistical types!Don't they know MurDERin' is fine long as I…we, I and my wee, US of I peoples get Rich?Are dey
    too…dum dum dum…to see in black and in

  7. The way Trump rolls heads and doesn't trust anyone reminds one of Joseph Stalin. Another tyrant who was full of himself. One thing worse than Trump, Hennity and Pence are the vacuum-headed imbeciles that listen to their BS.

  8. Every time I watch Donald Trump I see a small child. His eyes, his demeanour is that of a child's. It's as if he hasn't grown up. His brain does not seem to have matured although his body has. And I'm not trying to insult him. It's just an observation.

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