Woman searches for family friend missing in California fires | Wonderdir

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The first heavy rain in months is moving toward Northern California, and it’s expected to complicate the search for victims in the state’s worst-ever wildfire. The Camp Fire is blamed for at least 81 deaths, and 870 people are still considered missing. Meg Oliver spent the day with a woman searching for a lost family friend.

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25 thoughts on “Woman searches for family friend missing in California fires | Wonderdir

  1. Dang it's such a very sad story so many dead missing and have lost all and no where to be housed why don't that old man the lady was looking for just get a free phone from that government program? Probably someone who thinks they can track him down so what. Nothing wrong with having a bit of assurance. And be able to call around and look for assistance in a time of need.

  2. Fake News no need to worry about mud slide the smart fires did not burn the trees only selected homes.. this is WAR!!! some group connected to the fake media is using advance weapons to be a wild fire decoy .. Fake mainstream media is in on it just like 911 same weapons used DEW weapons

  3. called a forest fire. but so many trees still standing. doesn't look like a forest fire to me ?only thing burnt was every Home there ! and too many people ! sad. beyond words. in so many ways.

  4. the globalist hard at work this was their handy work using lasers look at the houses no appliances no sinks stoves things that dont burn in normal fires part of agenda 21 these people are pure evil

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