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Madrid ramped up Brexit tensions by signalling a shift in position – jibing that the UK will ‘split apart before we do’. The swipe came as a row over Gibraltar threatens to derail the Brexit divorce package. Spain has faced internal unrest over Catalan calls for independence. But foreign minister Josep Borrell dismissed the idea that a bad Brexit deal could fuel those calls by driving a wedge between England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. In comments that were gleefully retweeted by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, he made clear Spain would not stop an independent Scotland joining the EU if it left the UK on a legal basis with Westminster’s consent. The potential for objections from Madrid was deployed against the independence campaign during the 2014 referendum.

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6 thoughts on “Spain may vote DOWN Brexit deal if Gibraltar plans don’t change | Wonderdir

  1. When ever I see Spain come up in the news about brexit, I can only think of a 7 year old laying down on the floor of a super market throwing a tantrum because mummy won't buy a toy.

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