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“중국 모욕했다”…돌체앤가바나, 스타들 보이콧에 中패션쇼 취소

Dolce & Gabbana has cancelled its Shanghai fashion show after an outcry over what many have criticized as a racist marketing campaign.
The controversy arose after the Italian fashion brand posted a photo on Chinese social media showing a Chinese model trying to eat pizza, cannoli and spaghetti using chopsticks.
Co-founder Stefano Gabbana then appeared to make the situation worse by making derogatory remarks about China in direct messages to a fashion writer on Instagram.
The uproar has led to a movement calling for a boycott of D&G products.
The firm said the Instagram account was hacked and apologized for any distress caused.

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18 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana cancels Shanghai fashion show amid racism row | Wonderdir

  1. D & G is really disgusting. Not just Chinese are using chopsticks, Japanese Korean and many Asian peoples are using chopsticks for thousands of year. D & G is really a racist enterprise. Get the f!!k out of China and the whole of Asia.

  2. I really don't see the "racism" in the stupid D&G ad, but I do see SEXISM with the portrayal of the "dumb Chinese woman" who can't even use chopsticks on China's own invention: SPAGHETTI 😆 … now D&G has a PR nightmare in what should be a super-important market… reminds me of that idiotic American actress who in 2008 claimed to be "friends with the (14th) Dalai Lama" and added that the Sichuan earthquake tragedy was "karma" against China; all her endorsements and ads/images with a famous brand were immediately removed the next day all around China

  3. We Asians should all stand together towards western racism, they are crooks and thief’s, in their heart they will never respect us and treat us like second grade people. It is time for us to stand up together and put an end to their white supremacy.

  4. The show was cancelled because the founder & designer called "China is the country of shit", "Chinese are dirty smelly mafias" etc. when someone was reminding him this ad video might be offensive.

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