General Barry McCaffrey Calls Trump ‘8th Grader’ In Response To McRaven Attacks | Hardball | MSNBC | Wonderdir

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In his interview with Fox News, Trump attacked a respected retired Admiral – William McRaven – the man who oversaw the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.
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General Barry McCaffrey Calls Trump ‘8th Grader’ In Response To McRaven Attacks | Hardball | MSNBC

48 thoughts on “General Barry McCaffrey Calls Trump ‘8th Grader’ In Response To McRaven Attacks | Hardball | MSNBC | Wonderdir

  1. What happens when America elected a bonespur-in-chief. Can't figure out which is sadder; him, the people who choose to continue serving under his presidency or the people of the country.

  2. Well when you vote for a man who had to pay out 25 million dollars to settle a case of fraud for bilking people who were only trying to get an "education" and improve their financial lot in life, shortly before he became a serious candidate, you sort of get what you asked for.

  3. So… his strategy is to be petty, immature, and act like an uneducated spoiled brat and bully in elementary school? The only thing I can think of is that he wasn't loved as a child.

  4. We have a lot of people in the military who have committed treason we have a lot of people in the FBI the DEA Homeland Security CIA we have a lot of Republicans and Democrats who committed treason just because you served the country doesn't entitle you to the respect unless you serve the country well

  5. John McCain is no hero just like the commentators on the show you're not a hero you're the problem in this country and the people will deal with you soon the people are awake and they look at your videos and they're determining to file charges if you don't believe someone is there to accept those charges I would arrest you on the spot then maybe you should rethink your position before that really happens

  6. Wow you still advocating that line making false misleading statements to the public causing the public to believe it as though it is true that's within the Patriot Act if you continue to make the statements which the American people now know are false and misleading statements about individuals then you can be held liable and charges can be brought up on you and maybe the charges will meet the Military Tribunal since they do fall under the Patriot Act that's where all of you military people and for the media for falsifying information about this country we know as the United States and its laws what you do not support your activity or your actions

  7. You don't become a 4 star general by accident! If Trump hadn't avoided the draft by lying about "bone spurs" he would have failed basic military training and been given a pass as incompetent and unsuitable for service.

  8. I dislike everything Trump related and can't stand the far right narrow point of view for our political environment however, we have to take the reality of living with this selfish person because WE ALL elected him as our president. And on the name of fairness we have been listening to this president's idiocy far too long …
    Two things brought Donald Trump to the white house, the fact that there was no viable candidate on the Republican side and the Democrats had a candidate in Clinton who didn't have an attractive proposal either. At the end when those two were left , lots of Democrats stayed home because Hillary Clinton was and still is so UNPOPULAR….so, in an indirect way, Democrats have some of the blame for this individual being in charge of our executive branch ….and if they don't get their act together, we might see another 4 years of lunacy after his first term is up….Clinton needs to disappear from the radar or she will keep on turning a lot of us off…

  9. I wish the media would really FOLLOW UP on his stupid responses, for example, when he interrupted him, why didn’t Chris Wallace say, “What does Hillary Clinton have to do with my question on what Admiral McRaven said about you, can you please address THAT, thank you?

  10. We are not Building this wall trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall please call all these Republican senators and tell them we are not paying for this wall. Tell your friends and family. To call these Republican. Traitors oh ya Senators we are not paying to build this wall trump supporters want the wall let them pay for the wall. Take a dump for trump #%#% trump and pence no good for AMERICA. Nationalists not Republicans. No good for AMERICA.

  11. Trump and his supporters are not real Americans. They are the product of a dumbing down by Conservative sites and media outlets eg Fox and others. They come on social media and are completely without any basic facts or intelligence. Embarrassing.

  12. You think these Generals and Admirals dont have egos bigger than the President . Osama should have been caught or killed during bushes administration . The admiral is a left wing advocate …… Obama fan admittedly looking beyond his military career . I give this general's words no value considering the outlet he is on ……. the 2 . Million hahahahaha good finish ; )

  13. This guy (Trump)
    A guy that couldn't hold a candle to any of the people he cuts down, has the audacity to criticize them. I can't wait for Robert Mueller to shred this POS. ASAP !
    Anyone that stands with Trump, needs to Fall with Trump.

  14. So tell me again,who is the person that"s Disrespecting the Military? Generals? America? But one of the greatest America's mistakes,it's own President..Donald Trump 👎 Disrespect at the highest why hasn't no one called him on this blatant disrespect?

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