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Colin Cowherd talks NFL on today’s show. Hear Colin break down why the MNF game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs was all about having fun. Plus, hear why he thinks the Chiefs are the better team despite Monday’s loss to the Rams.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Colin Cowherd reacts to the Chiefs vs. Rams MNF thriller | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

40 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd reacts to the Chiefs vs. Rams MNF thriller | NFL | THE HERD | Wonderdir

  1. As a fantasy owner for Mahomes and Hill. I’m glad they lost. That means they likely won’t be resting during fantasy playoffs. That being said, I hope that the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this season, since my Eagles are pretty much not going to at this point.

  2. You say it wasn’t meant to be a perfect game so some calls could get missed… yet the nfl itself assembled what they called an all star officiating crew. So I would argue that the obvious missed calls deserve more scrutiny than just a casual dismissal of nobody is perfect

  3. cowherd makes some great points. that game was electric, it was fun. both teams won, all football fanbase won. the reality is both teams are growing and learning what they are capable of and what they are not capable of. these two teams are so close. some plays down the stretch could have gone either way ,i.e the scandrick missed pick, etc.

    chiefs 2-minute offense has historically been terrible. this game was especially egregious. there is no reason they should have been trying for TD plays when you have 3 TOs, only down by three, only have to go about 30-50 yds, and have 4 downs to use! this is FOOTBALL 101! to put it in perspective, its the same circumstances the pats had when they played the chiefs, brady said he was so happy he had such circumstances. what did he do, dinked and dunked his way into the endzone. chiefs just blew it. its a learning moment for mahomes, but this has been andy's M.O.

    this game was too fantastic and players on both sides played too awesome to get butthurt about it. rams deserved to win. but some fundamental football stategy by chiefs and they win.

  4. Hot take: The NFL required the Coliseum to be available if there was a problem in Mexico. The Coliseum was literally already ready for the game before they even thought of relocating it there. So…great game but no surprise regarding the logistics.

  5. Wait what? If the Rams went to KC and had 5 turnovers, then what now? Ridiculous. This was basically a road game for the Rams anyhow, except they had to move twice, where KC only moved once, and it was much easier for KC.

  6. Did this CLOWN really just say if the Chiefs didn't have all those costly turnovers they would have won… wow wow…… REALLY!! REALLY COLIN!!?? REALLY? YOU DON'T SAY!!!? WOW YOUR A GENIUS!! THIS HAS TO BE THE DUMBEST THING IVE EVER HERD HIM SAY…SMH….

  7. I got an idea COLIN! LETS go back to every single GAME this year that a TEAM lost because of costly turnovers and let's SAY they would have won if not for the costly turnovers!!! COLIN COWERD IS SIMPLY AN IDIOT. … this guy is supposed to be a professional and he says the chiefs would have won without costly turnovers…. NO Shi…. SHERLOCK

  8. Chiefs are going to win because they will fix up their penalties and already be adjusted to their office and the Super Bowl is in their home stadium-like if u agree

  9. Chiefs are deep enough in some key areas, like the D-Line. And you wouldn't know it, if Morse and LDT (and Devey) hadn't gone down, but they had decent depth going into the season on the O-Line. Now of course, their starting C is a guy they picked up off the street after the season started. But D-Line rotation is HUGE, and KC's mostly running with 2 down linemen, and they giving good snaps to Jones, Bailey, Nnadi, X Williams, and Jenkins. And they haven't even scratched the surface of hybrid 3-man fronts involving Speaks or Kpassagnon, both of whom probably should just play DE, with the added plus that they can run some zone-blitz with those guys, who suck as LBs in coverage, but are better-than-average as down linemen dropping in short zone. Chiefs run the 2-4 'most all day, so might as well just call those 280-pounders DEs, already.

  10. Ya know, I love Patrick Mahomes, but to mention him in the same conversation in the MVP race, its no race, its Drew Brees, , Mahomes will win his Super Bowls, and his MVP's, keep on and happy holidays……..justasinger54

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