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President Trump derided retired Adm. Bill McRaven — the Navy SEAL who led the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden — calling him a ‘Hillary Clinton fan’ during an interview on Sunday.
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Joe: President Donald Trump Lying About One Of Our Great Heroes | Morning Joe | MSNBC

29 thoughts on “Joe: President Donald Trump Lying About One Of Our Great Heroes | Morning Joe | MSNBC | Wonderdir

  1. I can't understand how macho man McRaven 'killed' Osama bin Laden when according to Benazir Bhutto before her tragic assassination (and she should know) revealed that the
    notorious Osama bin Laden died of kidney failure in 2002.

  2. This Admiral is more left than all democrats . He is a deep state shill. President Trump spoke 100% True Facts about him. You Demon Rats are off your rockers.. The Nazi Agenda Propaganda machine. The United States is now the most socialized Communist Country in the world. And yes i said Nazis because that's who runs US. facts that are easy to find. Do some research. The Absolute stupidly of all mainstream news propaganda there taking heads put out proves there desperate There scared to Death because they know there all going to hang for treason. Its like listening to elderly women gossiping . What a Joke

  3. imagine the Soggy Bottom Boy's singing "man of constant sorrow" while Senators load Trump on a rail just like Homer Stokes and exit him from the WhiteHouse straight to the big house. We need a Cohen Bros movie of this Admin maybe before 2020 😎

  4. The only thing Americans talk about is war, war, war. In the old days people had saints to admire and be inspired of. In US the warmongers have taken the saints place. You really have to change your thoughts over there. No one is "warrying" you, the wars you make is all in your heads. A national paranoia. If Trump's is denying to fall head over heals over some general or whatever it might just be the only sane thing he is doing.

  5. Only Trump has the gall – the sociopathic dishonesty – to criticize others for their nobility, courage and accomplishment – while in the same breath blames everyone but himself for his failures, shortcomings and cowardice. Trump, the draft-dodger in chief, is a terrible person; a truly evil, despicable person.

  6. This is AWESOME.  I have many friends who voted for Hillary. Just finished talking to a couple of them about this report and GUESS WHAT,  ALL this negative MEDIA coverage has done in two years what i couldn't do in TEN…..Bless you MSNBC. Keep up the good work. AMERICANS are slowly WAKING UP.

  7. Oh shoot, i guess i missed the REPORT where you told folks about ALL the FANTASTIC changes to the V.A. Changes that myself, and tens of thousands of veterans only DREAMED  of with the previous Presidents…….OOPs

  8. look.. I think we have all reached a consonances on the fact that Donald J Trump is unquestionably a, if not THE World Class f***ing st*t storming Moron! Discussing the intricate minutia of his cataclysmic idiocy, seem to me to be wholly unproductive! and at best , feeding the jelly headed man baby!


    The blood of journalist Khashoggi is crying out for justice and it will not be denied. From Saudi men came and killed 3000 on 911 and again, from Saudi Mr Khashoggi was murdered. Only God Almighty can hold this nation accountable and if I was Israel I would not want to stand in the way of Saudi being held accountable by the highest judge of all…God.

  10. if trump is willing to bad mouth a former admiral and a former navy SEAL with such a distinguished career then how much respect does he have for privates, corporals and seargeants that make up the majority of the US armed forces who maybe haven't been in combat yet, he's a disgrace to the office he holds and disrespects members of the armed forces that enable the freedom of speech and the right to free enterprise that he abuses daily

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