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The co-hosts talk about their takeaways from the Trump-Wallace interview.

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42 thoughts on “Bombshells From Trump-Wallace Interview | The View | Wonderdir

  1. Please Joy go take a pill. I watched the whole interview and I thought Wallace poked him a lot. Also Trump kept saying he was attacking fake news not the media. By the way I am a Canadian, an outsiders opinion.

  2. And yet that very big head of hers has not yet exploded over the many many many times Trump has disrespected her father, gold star families and the military .

  3. Dear 'The View' and ABC, if a signed petition was sent to you, would you at least consider REMOVING the quite ANNOYING, GOP faithful, party first cheerleader, LOUD mouth Meghan McCain from the show?! Are you actually trying to lose viewers on purpose? WTH?! 😟

  4. It's always easy to sit back and critisize others when you're not the job. None of you are in the White House. You don't know anything about being the President. This show is literally filled with Old hens (and younger ones) who are so critical and ugly about their words of our President. Your words make you all so awful. I loathe this show. I hope you lose it one day. You won't because people love gossip, but you don't help our country you don't ever say anything uplifting. You are all catty and a bunch of bitties.

  5. So why are'nt you screaming bloody murder meeehhhhgan, racist twit. According to you, you should be on the table screaming. Then you have corporate owned whuppi, pontificating….

  6. Trumps a braggart, a narcissist would be a person on a talk show pretending to know about things that she could not possibly know about because she’s never had a real job or accomplishment in her life.

  7. This comment is for Meghan McCain. Trump has no say so, it's his security that says if he can safely go from point A to point B. You should know what is involved in getting a president from one point to another when it comes to security especially in a foreign country. His security team is the one that makes all the decisions. It is extremely difficult to stop traffic in all these places that he has to travel by car

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