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Answering 20 of your MOST ASKED Disney Questions! DISNEY CAST MEMBER Q&A // DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM // OLIVIA SIMONE | You sent me questions about my DCP, working for Disney, and life as a graduate student, so I’m doing a tell-all answering your questions! Like, Comment, and Subscribe!

If I didn’t answer your question, then please comment it down below and i’ll answer it there!

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24 thoughts on “Answering 20 of your Disney Questions! DISNEY CAST MEMBER Q&A // DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM | Wonderdir

  1. First comment!!!
    Omg I LOVE your vids and I’m SO
    EXCITED because I’m going to WDW
    for the first time on the 26th off this month!!!!!! I’m OBSESSED with Disney and since elementary every body has called me Disney!!! I’m in 7th grade and people still call me that!!! I even have a binder of 20 pages of Disneyland facts!!!! Not joking!!!

    Im flying to Florida on the 26th
    going to Magic Kingdom on the 27
    Animal Kingdom on the 28
    And Hollywood Studios on the 29!!!
    And flying back on the 30
    So happy!!! That would be so amazing if u went and I meet u!!!!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. I moved to florida about 3 years ago from one of the snowiest cities in new york. I love it here and cant imagine myself living somewhere else just gotta make sure you dont move somewhere that has potholes. I live in north florida and were pothole free here but i hear orlando has a lot
    (This is for the girl who asked about living in Florida and to anyone else who is also considering moving here)

  3. I think people ask about the food because in a lot of places you get discounted or free food on your break if you work there. Or at least that is the case with my previous jobs. I live in the UK though so maybe it’s slightly different in America 💕

  4. Just throwing this out there, I've never been to Orlando but I've seen enough to totally get that it's a tourist trap. I live in Wine Country, and there's nothing to do here, either. It's literally wine tasting and gambling. We have tourists from all over the world as well, just not as many kids. We also have the worst drivers in the US, so there's that. Rich people, especially, love to vacation here (no one else can afford it) and we have a lot of celebrities and such. Not as many now since the entire state is on fire, but generally we do.

    Gotta say, I absolutely love your vlogs. Never in a million years would I have imagined I'd be into Disney-specific vlogs. I've only been to Disney once about 22 years ago and I'm not a huge fan of the company, but I'm fascinated by it. Your vlogs are very engaging and informative, and I feel like I'm experiencing Disney vicariously through yours and other vlogs. I am even considering going back. You rock!

  5. I have an Epcot celebrity story that I experienced as a visitor. Epcot was a new park when we visited in 1984, we got off a ride called the universe of energy, we got off the ride & see people running past us, guys talking on walkie talkies, we turn around & there’s Michael Jackson!! He was on the ride with us!! This is when Thriller came out & he was on his way to being a super megastar!! Said hi to him & got his autograph on our Epcot map.

  6. if weather is your primary concern you should think about living in east tennessee or west virginia! very calm weather and there are some super cute towns and cities!

  7. Nashville/Tennessee anywhere. You get lots of good weather. No real natural disaster threats. No blazing heat, plus mountains but also 4 seasons. It snows but like no big snowstorms like up north. It’s like the perfect place to live.

    I was in the same park as my favorite singer yesterday and I was so mad because in the 5 hours I was there I walked past the same couple three times in three different parts of the park but didn’t come across her once. I was soooo mad!

  8. THANK YOU FOR PUTING UP SUBTITLES! I'm HH and I always have to either turn up the volume all the way or click on the subs. I really really appreciate it 🙂

    does "have a disney day" basically mean F-you in disney speak? that's what Ive heard but Idk if thats true

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