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Broward and Palm Beach counties have ensured we will never have any chance of knowing the accurate vote totals from this past election in the state of Florida.

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35 thoughts on “Hannity: What’s happening in Florida is a disgrace | Wonderdir

  1. Just like the 2000 Presidental election when Jeb Bush was Governor, the same county came fort with the deciding votes in favor of Jeb's brother. You'd of thought they'd cleaned it up by now, unfortunately, the shoe's on the other foot and republicans don't like it. I guess that's politics for you!

  2. More propaganda for the trumpturds, his presidency is spiralling out of control. Conspiracies are behind every door. But no collusion yet he's doing everything a person whose guilty would do and yet you people aren't sick of his shenanigans YET !!! Hannity blaming everybody but those who deserve it. Corrupt Republicans.

  3. Oh God, i'm European. and people in EU are right xD.
    Fox News is a den of crazy fear mongering rednecks xD it doesnt even qualify as news lol…

    Here we have a saying.

    Act normal, because your sense of normal is already quirky as it is.
    But honestly everyone here acts like a manchild just like your president.

  4. When Republicans lose they claim everyone cheated lol crazy white men can't handle losing just like Don Lemon said WHITE male is the most dangerous person in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! All trump friends and trump himself are going to prison LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP and Hannity and Carlson

  5. Pelosi talking about the vision of the fathers and the constitution makes my head implode with the attempt to understand THAT LEVEL of hypocrisy. Its just so MASSIVE!? Like a dead star. The woman does nothing BUT disregard the importance of the constitution!

  6. Fox News always squawk and this guy broke the law this broad broke the law these people broke the law who really gives a s*** nothing happens move on to some world news if no one's going to go to jail what a joke

  7. On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and no one gets busted WTF quit wasting your breath Sean no one's going to jail on and on and on and on and on for 2 years enough already

  8. Hah hannity attracts as many subscribers here as viewers on Fox, nilch!

    Haha Trump used your ass, then dumped you too…

    Hannity steals the Superman symbol for his name, its now the dumbass symbol!

    We need due process of law on your fat ass!
    Make this pig hannity return all the money he stole off the poor.

    On April 24, Hannity denied allegations that he had sexually harassed a former regular guest on his show, Debbie Schlussel. She had alleged that Hannity had invited her to a hotel room in Detroit following a book signing. When Schlussel refused, she says Hannity banished her from his show.

    During an interview with Oklahoma radio host Pat Campbell, Schlussel said, “This kind of stuff is all over the place at Fox News and anything that has to do with Sean Hannity.”

    We can't help it you married a fugly partner like yourself!

  9. Hannity making old folks and the poorly educated think this is actually happening, how sad. So much for this report? Republicans won both Senate and gov seats, so how bout that fraud? Maybe we should have a second election?

  10. It IS a disgrace. This corrupt Voldermort clone (Scott) was part of the largest health Care Company fine in American history, ( not one of the largest, THE largest.) either through direct collusion or indifferent incompetence, and taking the Fifth Amendment over 75 times. Yet, he has the gall to say that felons who serve their time, pay taxes, and are otherwise responsible for compliance with the law, can't get their voting rights restored.

  11. Notice how these nuts conveniently forget the over 500 filibusters they supported against President Obama, the vow of Mitch McConnell to not allow the Obama agenda or bipartisanship ANY success, the cowardly Birther movement, the blocking of Merrick Garland, the refusal to even consider any positive input with helping Americans get a shot of decent health care, and a host of other travesties. Amazing hypocrisy.

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