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Israelis and Palestinians come together to find a middle ground. Can they look past the deep conflict to understand one another? SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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31 thoughts on “Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change | Wonderdir

  1. Iam Egyptian and I never ever want peace with Israel but people who govern us went this we are forced to have peace with Israel
    And the gay in the suite is a symbol of how iseal make brainwash to there people
    Palastien with always be an arabian country no matter what
    And we will take it back soon inshallah

  2. As an egyptian i want to say that egypt didnt want "to have a peace treaty with israel" we actually won the 6th of october war and at that time we had extreme power and we actually threatend israel to leave OUR land and not do like they did in israel either we would have to fight them again .and if they didnt sign the treaty we would have completely destroyed israel

  3. I think the best way to live in this country is with peace as they said but the IDF guy said i wouldn't want a Palestinian to rule over me and i totally disagree with him because if u want peace in this country u would want something that people can rely on and not feel pressed and i feel like the ruler is a part of that because when u think about it all the countries that are living in peace atm are all living under a ruler who is from their country not the same (religion) who cares if the ruler is Palestinian israeli. aslong as most of the people agree with it. I just don't want racism in my country its just so frustrating looking at all this killing for literally nothing. We live in the same country guys look at it this way we AREN'T "jews" nor "muslims" we are people who live in the same nation with different "religions" it doesnt mean if im muslim im a terorist nor all jews are punks we are humans just dont be racist that's all it takes

  4. This video really opened my eyes. I used to think that every Israelis is like the IDF guys but the other two girls is very understanding. Especially the girl with the glasses, she have a lot of empathy and I can't imagine hating her. I wish peace will come for both side soon. ❤

  5. Of course you don't believe that all Palestinians are terrorists, Israel is the one doing the terrorism. YOU'RE the ones attacking people in their homes. YOU'RE the one causing all this turmoil. YOU'RE the ones taking children from their parents and taking parents from their children. How can you even live with yourselves? How do you stand your own skin when you're off killing the people whose land you're stealing in the name of 'self-defense'? Don't you think that if Palestine was your land, it would have been from the start? Palestinians didn't take it from you for you to come back and regain it. IT WAS NEVER YOURS TO BEGIN WITH. Besides, Israeli isn't a nationality. A nationality doesn't consist of one religion hating on all others. Why else do you find Arabic Muslims and Arabic Christians? Or idk, English Christians and English Jews? Because belonging to one country doesn't mean having the same beliefs the way you think it is. There are Jews who are proud of their real nationality and the country they actually come from, why can't Israel be the same? Why do they feel the need to have a country of their own to be validated? All that anyone is asking of you is to have a shred of humanity. How hard can that be?

  6. Please, if Israel is innocent as does everything in the name of self-defense, how do they explain Ahed Al Tamimi's story and why she was locked up? Which by the way is CLEARLY self-defense? And not just her, everyone they lock up for standing up for themselves

  7. And what Israel fails to realise is that at this pace, they're dragging the whole world into this (not that I would ever stop defending Palestine), but other countries are going to war with each other over this issue and they're creating more chaos than ever. Where do they think this will lead to other than a third world war? I know for sure that their are people in high places who are lying to so many people, pretending they're against Israel and standing with them behind the scenes, but what does anyone get out of this? Why the constant search for war? WHY DO HUMANS NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF PEACE AND EQUALITY? The Israelis were never treated poorly before they took over Palestine, so why are they doing this to the Palestinians?

  8. It's not like Palestinians have enough money to spend on themselves and their country anymore when you're controlling the resources and using all this money you're stealing to destroy the real Palestinians? And why can't you keep your dignity and live in Palestine in peace? Why do you have to rule over it?

  9. Why do you take it as Israel defending themselves for god's sake? Even a blind person can see that it's Israel who came to Palestine, kicked people out of their homes, left them with nothing, destroyed their property, forced them out of the country, and spread their wings over the place like it was meant for them? If it was meant for you you wouldn't have had to do that. You were the ones who started the violence. How do you expect someone to feel when you literally force them out of their homes like they're not even worth anything? Forget it being their country, are they not humans like you? What kind of religion and what kind of leaders teach their followers that they are more superior to others and have the right to treat them like insects? How can you claim this to be the religion of a god who gave you a heart and a brain to feel and think with? How can a god who gave plants and animals a certain level of love and compassion order you to slaughter a country so you can sit on a throne of bones and lies? Again, where is your humanity?

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