13 thoughts on “Can Democrats Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh? | Op-Ed | NowThis | Wonderdir Health

  1. Ok, here's my plan.

    Establish a cryptonetwork secured voting platform to resolve voter suppression.
    @VOTECOIN4 is not about money, it is about a movement for a better, more secure, accountable and accessible voting platform for all registered voters in America.

  2. Democrats are socialists really. Socialism is indeed idealistic in many regards; however it attempts to force feed its ideologies upon the people with little or no regard to consent. So if the notion of 'free education' is attractive (which I assume is) but mass immigration not, then u have little choice but to live with mass immigration. In sum, whilst socialism attempts to write-the-wrongs of an otherwise unjust world, it also creates high levels of resentment.

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